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Many have been asking about the following three releases that are NOW AVAILABLE!!!  on other labels. Plus, this is an announcement of three new releases on the House of Chadula label.
1. the long awaited recording of Bach violin sonatas on 5 string banjos, on Volatile.  

2.  The duo with Rene Lussier, Oasis, on the Victo label.
3.  The duo with Susan Alcorn, Harmolodic Country or an Afternoon in Austin, on Boxholder
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End of 2001 Annual Report (just a bit late- my fault-Ben)

Welcome to my second annual report on the House of Chadula label.  This enterprise, like many others in this branch of the record business,  suffered a problematic year.  At first I thought I was going to do better than I did the year before, but the aftermath of Sept. 11 really effected things in that touring operations basically shut down, not really getting started again on a normal basis until…well, until next week with the string of west coast dates that starts on Feb. 7.    Obviously folks in the CD distribution business had a tough year internationally, as absolutely none of the distributors I was working with reordered a thing during the entire year!  So this means the sales that were made this year were entirely to individuals and shops…none to distributors.  I don’t recall anyone that I know in the record business having a good thing to say about sales this year, other than the folks at Greensboro’s Gate City Noise who had their best day of business ever on Sept. 11, apparently.  

Mail order sales did not suffer in the aftermath of the War on Terror,  and in fact continue to be brisk despite the occasional lull. Thanks, folks out there! 

I was hoping to sell at least another 1,000 CDs this year through my own label, and I did.  Exactly 1,000!  Here are the best and worst selling top tens of the year, as promised.

Although the live recording with Paul Lovens reclaimed the top spot bolstered by several long tours,  this year shows the Jack and Jim show solidifying control on the House.  Tumbles for both “Texas Sessions” and  “There’ll be No Tears Tonight.”  Demand fell off drastically for the latter title.

Rank Title # Sold
1 Me and Paul 109
2 Pachuco Cadaver 47
3 Uncle Jimmy's Master Plan 35
4 Ghost Legends 33
5 English Channel 32
6 Vision Ease 32
7 Texas Session 32
8 Country In Islam 29
9 Vol.1 Solo Acoustic 27
10 Eddie Chatterbox on Broadway II 27

To repeat the rules for establishing the worst selling 10,   any title that has had a large pressing that has sold out is exempt from the humilation (or honor) of being listed in these top 10s, even though the annual sales of some of these titles are indeed pitiful.  One brave soul fortified themselves for America’s New War by buying a copy of “Corpses of Foreign War”; this was the only copy of this title sold the entire year.   Some of the same unpopular CDs showed up again this year, but the field was crowded by titles from the original batch of home-burned CDs put out with the House of Chadponk operation.  That was because in their first year of release, a distributor bought 10 copies of each of them. Were these ever really sold?  Who knows?  It is facts such as this that cloud the accuracy of this information about my worst selling titles.  Nonetheless, 2001 clearly proved that left to their own devices, unbolstered by automatic distribution purchases, these titles are losers.   Other than that, much of this population are the so-called “classics” from the home-taping era of insanity, but don’t let the low numbers fool ya, these babies are harder to kill off than anthrax spores.  Two volumes from the extened series of Chadbourne Baptist Church reminds me of this conversation from that band’s touring heyday:

“Hey man, if the Chadbourne Baptist Church was as popular as the  Baptist Church, the world would be a better place.”

I thanked the guy but told him it makes more sense the other way around.  “What do you mean, ?” he asked.  I told him if the Baptist Church was as popular as the Chadbourne Baptist Church, the world would be a better place.

A box set of the worst selling 10 is of course available at a good discount, please inquire.   We sold one last year, but to a pretty cool guy. 

Worst Ranking Title # Sold
1 Biker Music Of SE Cambodia 1
2 Het Grote Banjo Duet 2
3 Wombat On The Way 4
4 Emotional And Intellectual Cockroach 4
5 Wild Partner 4
6 Normalized 5
7 Total Tuesday 5
8 Chadbourne Baptist Church II 5
9 Chadbourne Baptist Church III 5
10 Dinosaur On The Way 6

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