8-CD box set - Insect and Western

The BIG news or should I say bug news is the 8-CD box set Insect and Western, truly an art object but no less a musical event on a grand scale. Players from many countries and most states in the union have taken part in performances involving works from my Insect and Western series. Documentation to date has been highlighted by three separate discs on the British Leo label: Insect Attracter, Worms with Strings and Beauty and the Bloodsucker. This deluxe box set contains all three of these discs in their original CD—not CD-R—pressings plus all the liner booklet and tray card art. In addition owners will find the Bedbugs CD-R featuring fine jazz players from the St. Petersburg, Florida scene. Plus there are four more discs of previously unreleased material. Sacred Insects of Ancient Egypt is the only new title that will also be available separately, see description below. The two-disc Butterfly Garden examines this suite in contrasting solo and septet modes: the maestro Keiji Haino dug the solo performance, taped at The Stone in New York City in May of 2006. Finally there is a brand new disc overviewing various compositions in the series in more recent performances, including the Emotional and Intellectual World of the Cockroach, a new version of the Worms With Strings suite and excerpts from a French workshop version of Sacred Insects of Ancient Egypt done without my physical participation. Much artwork and copious examples of scores in these beautiful boxes. Truly a deluxe gift.

Eight discs and handmade artwork for $115 postpaid in USA, $125 elsewhere. Musicians who have participated in these recordings can apply for a 25 per cent discount if they would like to own a copy of this massive set!

Eugene Chadbourne - G.O.I.N.: Get Out of Iraq Now on DVD (straw2gold pictures)
straw2gold pictures releases a 2006 feature length Eugene Chadbourne & the Get Out of Iraq Now band concert DVD with extensive bonus MP3 material.

Eugene Chadbourne spent the '80s playing with such "new wave" icons as The Violent Femmes and Camper Van Beethoven, along with his seminal group Shockabilly. These two concerts feature The Violent Femmes' Brian Ritchie and Victor DeLorenzo. Joined by Brian Jackson, who made his mark playing with Gil Scott-Heron, the G.O.I.N. Quartet plays an impressive set of moody jazz and pointed protest in Amsterdam's beautiful Bimhuis Theater. The G.O.I.N. band is quite simply one of the most solid in Eugene Chadbourne's long career. Without a doubt, the concert captured herein is nothing short of excellent.

The DVD features the band smoking live and speaking out in conscience on twenty-one tracks (21) with a range of cover tunes from the likes of Albert Ayler, Gil Scott-Heron, George Gershwin, John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. As well as originals written by Dr. Chad played with his amazing band.

This DVD includes 109 minutes of beautiful and scenic concert footage from Amsterdam's Bimhuis Theater. It also includes three (3) hours of additional audio material from the entire Bimhuis concert as well as select tracks from the Plusetage concert. This material is in MP3 format and is easily transferable from the DVD to a home computer and then to MP3 players such as ipods for portable use.

This DVD most importantly captures an enigmatic performance of friends and compatriots enjoying themselves onstage making a pointed political protest against an unjust war. The tunes they choose and the message brought forth from the music is beautiful, and defiantly a call for peace.

April Fool's In Holland 2006

Dr. Eugene Chadbourne- guitar, banjo, vocals
Brian Ritchie- Electric washtub bass with no washtub, one string bass, shakuhachi flute
Brian Jackson- piano, and flute
Victor DeLorenzo- drums
Molly Chadbourne- vocals & birdcalls

Recorded March 31 & April 1 2006 at Bimhuis & Plusetage by Robert O'Haire
Produced and Directed by Robert O'Haire - 109 minutes - stereo-DVD-NTSC- All Region  - 2006 straw2goldpictures

straw2gold pictures

DVDs are $20 postpaid in USA, or $25 postpaid abroad

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