Original Release 1972 Parachute Records (P-002)     Reissue-Rastascan Records ( BRD 03)

 Eugene Chadbourne: acoustic guitar


  Before Shockabilly, before the Downtown New York scene, there was a guy in Alberta playing very strange things on an acoustic guitar. This disc is a reissue of the classic and long out-of-print second solo LP by legendary guitar madman Eugene Chadbourne. Beautifully recorded, and mastered directly from the master tapes, Volume 2 is an essential document of Chadbourne's innovative prepared guitar playing. This reissue also includes three previously unreleased tracks from the same period (ca. 1976). Volume 2: Solo Acoustic Guitar is a unique document of the new directions in guitar playing that Chadbourne helped pioneer in the US.

"Eugene Chadbourne uses cheap, battered Harmony Guitars from pawnshops exclusively, but stay tuned for further developments."

            Total time: 74:00

            Pieces: That's all Water Under the Bridge, Rocket, Thawing Out,

            Sufficient Space, 1811 Bluff St., The Shreeve, Making It Go Away,

            Brass, We Are Together Again, Ginger Shelp, Making It Go Away

            (live), Father (you opened), Mao Tse Tung Did Not Have To Deal With

            People Who Were Watching Seven Hours Of Television Every Day.

            Oh, and the CD booklet folds out into a nice sepia-toned poster of

            the "guitar tree".

            Notes from the original release (an excerpt) "This is a recording of

            solo guitar music. The pieces are heard basically as they were

            played in real time, with no overdubbing. A total of four notes were

            eliminated due to problems with immigration. There are several

            sounds on this recording which the performer had nothing to do with..."