Back in print, Jimmy Carl and Eugene’s Beefheart tribute.


la programma: 

note, some of the titles segue together as suites, but we perform in this order:

Buggy Boogie Woogie/ Willie the Pimp/

Dropout Boogie/  Sure ‘Nuff an’ Yes I Do/

Clear Spot/ Steal Softly Through Sunshine/

The Past is Tense/ Veteran’s Day Poppy/

I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby/

Pachuco Cadaver/ The Dust Blows Forward

and the Dust Blows Back


EUGENE CHADBOURNE  voice, guitars,

    banjo, bass banjo,  prepared piano,

     percussion, personal effects

JIMMY CARL BLACK  voice, drums

on Booglarize:  LESLIE ROSS, bassoon/

ASHWIN BATISH,  sitar/  CHRIS TURNER, harmonica

BRIAN RITCHIE, didjiridoo

on Pachuco Cadaver:  MOLLY CHADBOURNE,  vocal/

RIK RUE,  tapes/ RICARDO SHIELDS,  guitar/

PABLO DE ROSA,  transverse flute

These two wigged-out, gifted artists bring their own distinct interpretations to Captain Beefheart’s incredible work. There’s "Dropout Boogie" as a flat-out bottleneck rocker, a bluegrass version of "Sure Nuff ’N’ Yes I Do", a country blues twist on "Willie the Pimp" and a mutant jazzrock vision of "Buggy Boogie Woogie." Plenty of non-linear stuff too, as in thrashing drums, blatting saxophone and according to one reviewer "the entire Count Basie Orchestra guesting on triangle." Even young Molly Chadbourne gets her moment of FAme by reciting Beefheart lyrics in her best Southern voice. Entertaining comix included as well, written by Eugene. "Liner notes are too boring, " explained Eugene.

"Pachuco Cadaver" reinvents Spike Jones, Stan Freberg, the Bonzo Dog Band, the Mothers, the Fugs and of course Captain Beefheart all rolled up in one. It may be lo-fi as hell but weekly Creative Loafing says "the duo nails it from the git-go," and adds "coolly hilarious."