Opera by Eugene Chadbourne "Jesse Helms Busted with Pornograhy"

Fire Ant Records (FACD 1009)


Eugene's new Fireant recording makes a statement, points a finger and proves that Dr. Chadbourne is a master musician and satirist. Among the artists that expand their talents on this project are Jimmy Carl Black, Don Helms, Lol Coxhill, Kenny Malone, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Camper Van Chadbourne and members of the Violent Femmes.

Songs Include:  Sex With the Sheriff, Too Damn Bad, Today's Gun Permits,Hit On a Bubble, German Chase, Little Tunne l, Lefty Medly ,Mountain Men ,The Mayor's New Law ,I'm your Neighbor , The Company You Keep Take the Skinheads Bowling,Wrong ,Remember Me ,Brother Can You Spare a Dime ,No Reason to Quit, Perverts On Northridge