ictus reissue series # 1

NewTone Records - rdc 5026 cd


Polly Bradfield - violin

Andrea Centazzo - percussions

Eugene Chadbourne - guitar

Tom Cora - cello

Toshinori Kondo - trumpet

John Zorn - sax


1.first environment for sextet (11.30) 2.solo improvisations (6.00) 3.second environment for sextet (17.15) 4.solo improvisation #2 (8.03) 5.improvviso III(duet)


With ENVIRONMENT FOR SEXTET begins the reprinting of the catalogue of one of the most important and interesting independent Italian label: Ictus Records.

Founded and directed by Andrea Centazzo between 1976 and 1984, when the label had to stop his activity for economical reasons, the Ictus Records catalogue includes some of the most important European and American Free Music artists of that period.

ENVIRONMENT FOR SEXTET was recorded in the United States in 1978 live during a radio broadcasting, when Centazzo was in America for a long tour and had the chance to performer with many young (at that time) musicians of the Free Music scene.

Writes Centazzo, in the linear notes of the CD, about the music: ",the music was organised carefully; I stated to put small rhythmic fragments and melodies in these open compositions in which the improviser could sail free. We were coming closer to the concept of accomplished musical structure". The music is deeply rooted in the post-Free Jazz sound of the late seventies and it still preserves all the energy and the life that moved all the musicians of the period, musicians who were going to shape the music of our last decades.

First, of course, John Zorn still quite unknown in that period but already very active and ready to show his way to compose and improvise that characterise the 80's.

Toshinori Kondo, always present, in that period, in the most intense and creative moments, Eugene Chadbourne, eclectic guitar player able to switch with great easiness from rockabilly to the most strong and wild moments of the Free Music; Polly Bradfield, trumpet, and Tom Cora, a focal point for the most creative musical experience complete the group.

And, of course, Andrea Centazzo, percussion e composer, a musician that is always been able to reshape his carrier to follow new paths and directions, never afraid to be in challenging situations, on the contrary looking for them.