Boogie With The Hook


Recorded: Various     Release date: 1996

Leo Records (CD LR 242)


A Series Of Duets

1. Whisky And Women     8:15     1990

Han Bennink- Pizza box played with brushes, Giant bass autoharp played with drum sticks,

and Drum set played with everything

Eugene Chadbourne- National dobro, Communist 5-string banjo

2. In Search Of Carl La Fong     8:05     1995

Derek Bailey- Guitar and Comments

Eugene Chadbourne- Deering 5-string banjo, Electric rake

3. Raking A Chance On Love     1:47     1995

Personel as on track 2

4. Han Bennink and Eugene Chadbourne     5:13     1990

5. In Between Comme C And Come Saw     13:18     1977

Eugene Chadbourne- Guitar

Charles Tyler- Baritone saxaphone and Bb clarinet

6. The Banjo Duet     14:37     1996

Eugene Chadbourne & Volcmar Verkerk:

Deering 5-string & long neck banjos & Korean banjo

7. Red Lightning Part 1     17:16     1980

Eugene Chadbourne- Guitars & Personal effects

John Zorn- Alto and soprano saxaphones, Bb clarinet & game calls