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This is the one we’re all waiting for, but this draft most likely will have omissions, so let us know if you find any! 

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Solo Acoustic Guitar   Vol 1     original label Parachute (P00-1)  Out of print    Original edition: 500.  

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Solo Acoustic Guitar   Vol. 2    original label Parachute (P002) Out of print.  Original edition: 1000.    Note:  The cut ‘Rocket’ was included on the Slide Crazy anthology, released originally in France on Sky Ranch, then worldwide on Rykodisc. Rastascan has re-issued the original album on CD with bonus mini-CD including extra live and studio material from the period.  

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Improvised Music for Acoustic Piano and Guitar  Music Gallery Editions (MGE 9)   Solos and duets with pianist Casey Sokol. 

Volume Three: Guitar Trios   Parachute (Poo3)   With Henry Kaiser, Duck Baker, Randy Hutton and Owen Maercks.

2000 Statues, "The English Channel"  Parachute (no cat. #.)  private press recorded in 1977, released in 1977 or 1978.  w/Zorn, Frith, Kondo, Bradfield, Centazzo, Corra, Smith & Williams and others who frequented the legendary Creative Music Studios in Woodstock, NY. 

Ice Death      HENRY KAISER   Parachute  (Poo5)   Chadbourne and Kaiser perform ‘Wind Crystals’, a composition by Wadada Leo Smith.   In 1997 there are plans to reissue this along with recent performances by Chadbourne, Smith and others of Wadada Leo Smith compositions. Working title for this release is Traditions.  

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School   w/ John Zorn  Parachute (P004&6)   This double album was divided between compositions of Zorn and Chadbourne, featuring Kaiser, Bruce Ackley, Polly Bradfield, Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith and Mark Abbott.  In 1997 Zorn planned a reissue entitled The Parachute Years for the Tzadik label for his own pieces; the Chadbourne material has been reissued on the House of Chadula CD entitled Vision Ease.

Lowe and Behold  FRANK LOWE ORCHESTRA  Musicworks (3002)  With Zorn, Bradfield, Billy Bang, Philip Wilson, Joseph Bowie, Peter Kuhn, John Lindberg and others.  

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Possibilities of the Color Plastic   with Toshinori Kondo Bellows (002)

Don’t Punk Out   with  Frank Lowe   Quark, #QED 995

USA Concerts   Andrea Centazzo   Ictus   Collects collaborations with various Americans and the Italian percussionist.  Chadbourne is featured in duet.

Environment for Sextet   Andrea Centazzo  Ictus (0017)  With Zorn, Bradfield, Kondo, Tom Corra.   Reissued in 1996 on New Tone and including the Zorn duet from USA Concerts.

The English Channel  Parachute (Poo7)   Orchestra piece with Zorn, Corra, Bradfield, Kondo, Centazzo, Smith, Williams plus Fred Frith, Steve Beresford, Mark Kramer, Evan Gallagher, Leslie Dalaba, Jim Katzin, Bob Ostertag a/o.  

Guitar Solos 3  Red Records (RED 008)   Anthology also includes Kaiser, Williams, Frith a/o  

Guitar Solos IV  Rift (1)   Anthology also includes Kaiser, Williams, Frith a/o

Musique Mechanique   CARLA BLEY              Watt (9)   w/ Charlie Haden, others

NOW RETURN US TO NORMAL (House of Chadula 1979A) Up until this release, there wasn’t a single title from 1979 in the House of Chadula series.  I guarantee you also won’t find a recording of mine from 1979 that sounds as good as this one. That’s because most of that year I was in New York City, where it was impossible to make really great recordings for free, or at least I never made the same kind of contact there that I had with Wade McGregor when I was living in Calgary. He was one of the main recording engineers for the CBC, so could use studio facilities when he wanted, if convenient; i.e., he was the Bob Thiele to my Coltrane, sneaking me into the CBC studios and using their fancy equipment and tape stock to make tapes like this one, cut one night when I was visiting my parents in Calgary around the Christmas holidays.   In the summer of 2002 I was visiting my father in Calgary, played a concert, and was given this recording by my old friend Dennis Burton, who apparently is hanging on to Randy Hutton’s archive of recordings, amongst which he found tapes like this one.  In 2002 Burton began transferring these masters to digital, and House of Chadula has inaugurated the Wade McGregor/Dennis Burton series to make some of this material available.

When I first was handed this recording, I thought it was an example of Randy Hutton and I playing BEFORE I moved to New York, i.e. circa 1975-77. Then I realized this was cut when I had already been in NYC for several years, and was now playing dobro and 12 string.  Back when I lived in Calgary, there was a period when Hutton and I got together almost every weekend to play acoustic guitar duets, just because there was not much else to do!  We were trying, with our acoustic guitars, to make music that sounded like Ornette Coleman, and so forth.  Then we discovered Derek Bailey. Then I went to NYC and my music became even more aggressive and strange.  Hutton on the other hand pursued his own course, and probably still is---where the fuck is he, maybe this release will prompt him to get in touch!—and he used to get a particular charge, I think, out of hearing his style described as really eccentric.  One day I would like to write further about his playing, but for now, here’s hoping this beautiful sounding recording will bring pleasure.  Even the “Sun Records” section!

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There’ll Be No Tears Tonight  Parachute (Po13)   w/ Zorn, Corra, David and Dennis Licht, Scott Manring, Robbie Link.  Later reissued on Fundamental in both vinyl and CD formats, finally reissued in longer version on House of Chadula in 2000. 

Pool   JOHN ZORN   Parachute (P011/12)  Chadbourne plays on the “wet” version of Hockey with Bob Ostertag and Wayne Horvitz

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Torture Time   w/Polly Bradfield   Parachute (Poo10)

Archery  JOHN ZORN  Parachute ( P017-18)   w/ Zorn, Bradfield, Bill Laswell, George Lewis, Robert Dick, Wayne Horvitz, David Moss a/o.  Material reissued in 1997 on Tzadik.

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The Dawn of Shockabilly  (Rough Trade RT 120)  Original issue was 12 inch 45. This material later included on various Shimmy Disc repackagings, including Just Beautiful and the European Ghost of Shockabilly, then by the Knitting Factory. 

 Blood on the Cats   12” vinyl  (Cherry Red) Shockabilly track featured on this compilation.  

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Earth vs. Shockabilly  (Rough Trade  Rough 48)   Album later re-issued on Shimmy disc.

 7”  City of Corruption/ 19th Nervous Breakdown  (Rough Trade) 7-inch 45

The You’ll Hate this Record Record  (Seidboard)  One track on compilation. This track later included on Shimmy Disc reissue of Earth Vs. , from whose sessions it originated.

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That’s the Way I Feel  HAL WILNER; THELONIOUS MONK TRIBUTE  (A&M) Shockabilly plays a Monk tune on the double album, but were left off both the CD and cassette version.

Shockabilly Coliseum  (Rough Trade Rough 68)  Later re-issued on Shimmy Disc, then Knitting Factory

Shockabilly Vietnam  (Fundamental Save 1)  Later re-issued on Shimmy Disc, then Knitting Factory. Original album included giant tour diary poster, blamed for hundreds of cases of eye strain.  

THE PRESIDENT HE IS INSANE (Iridescent)  One of the Doc's craziest, and also the debut recording of his protest song material.  (Circa the Reagan era).  REISSUED IN 2001 ON HOUSE OF CHADULA

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The Relative Band ’85  (Hot 1017)  w/ Jon Rose, David Moss, Jim Denley a/o

Shockabilly Heaven  (Fundamental Save 10)  Later re-issued on Shimmy Disc, then Knitting Factory.

Country Music from SE Australia  (RRR 1)  w/ David Moss, Rik Rue, Jon Rose. Some tracks reissued on Blotter LSDC&W. Entire project slated for 1997 re-release on Upheavel label with additional material.

Country Protest  (Fundamental Save 7) w/ Red Clay Ramblers, Licht, Lenny Kaye a/ others.  Some tracks reissued on Chadbourne Barber Shop, CD version created for House of Chadula in 2000.

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RRR Amerikka box   (RRR)  Limited edition box set featured the track ‘Spiro Agnew’ in an alternate mix.

Passed Normal (Fot)  Shockabilly tracks on this vinyl compilation.

Imminent Three  (Imminent)  Compilation has different version of KKKremlin.

They Might be Giants (Bar None) Chadbourne phones in guitar solo for band’s debut album.

Corpses of Foreign War  (Fundamental SF 27) w/ Violent Femmes   Some tracks reissued on Chadbourne Barber Shop and Jesse Helms Busted for Pornography   7”  198666   America Stands Tall/  Devil on the Radio   (Ralph EC 198666). Single, some material reissued on House of Chadula- Chadborn Again CD, 2001.

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Forward of Short Leg   JON ROSE  (Dossier 7529)  Rose duets with many partners, Chadbourne plays the electric plunger.

 What is Truth  vol 1 (Panic)  Chadbourne track on compilation inspired title for what would be a series, all  Scott Marshall productions done in re-painted trash vinyl lps. 

Kill Eugene (Placebo PLCD 5)  Also released on vinyl and an accompanying video, featuring different versions of some of the same songs, was distributed under the same title. House of Chadula CD reissue in 2000.

Vermin of the Blues  (Fundamental Save 18)  with Evan Johns & The H Bombs. First released on vinyl, then later on CD.  One track issued on the German lp Psychadelic.

LSDC&W  (Fundamental Save 19)  Originally issued on double album, then a double CD.

CHUCK  USA  ( Upheavel 1001)  Rare instance of a Chadbourne-produced album for another artist, this the duo of Murray Reams and David Nikias. Chadbourne plays plunger on one piece.

Camper Van Chadbourne  (Fundamental Save 46)  Originally on vinyl, then CD. With Camper Van Beethoven, Bruce Ackley, Graham Connah, Joee Conroy and David Stilley. Enjoys distinction of being best-selling Chadbourne lp ever (more than 15,000 sold.)

Art of Kultural Terrorism  (Dossier 7551)  w/ Jon Rose  lp

20TH Anniversary Summer of Love (Shimmy Disc 001) One Shockabilly track on this compilation,  later added to the Just Beautiful CD/cassette/vinyl.  

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I’ve Been Everywhere (Fundamental Save 68)  w/ Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Murray Reams, Shep the Hep, the Blitzoids.   One track re-issued on Jesse Helms Busted for Pornography.  Originally on vinyl, then issued on CD.

The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album (Fundamental Save 69) w/ Camper Van Chadbourne, Bruce Ackley, Graham Connah.  One track reissued on Chadbourne Barber Shop.

Camper Van Beethoven  (Pitch a tent) Band’s third lp featured Chadbourne on banjo and lead guitar on several tracks.

What is Truth   vol. 2 (Panic)  Banjo and porthole solos featured on this compilation.

Violin Music For Restaurants  JON ROSE ( ReR)  Chadbourne is only heard snoring on this CD,  contrary to the claims of some reviewers.  But what a snore!  

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Fundamental Hymnal (Fundamental) Sampler has a Chadbourne and Camper Van Chadbourne track, both previously released.

Studio Animals  (Private Studio no#)  One Chadbourne solo track on this premiere effort from the Frank Pahl/Only a Mother lab.

Country Music in the World of Islam (Fundamental Save 80)  released simulataneously on CD, vinyl and cassette.  W/ Elliot Sharp, Sun City Girls a/o.

Just Beautiful   SHOCKABILLY   (Shimmy Disc 27)  Vinyl  and CD release, the latter featuring considerable extra material.

Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings  DAVID GREENBERGER  (Shimmy Disc 009)  Chadbourne does multi-tracked piece on this collection.  

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69th Sinfunny  (Fundamental Save 88)  double lp and single CD, with Camper Van Chadbourne, Bruce Ackley, Graham Connah.

What is Truth  vol. 3 (Panic)  12-minute track with Chadbourne Baptist Church  

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7”   Oil of Hate/  National Bummer (Blackjack , no #) w/ Molly Chadbourne, Son of Shockabilly.

Moving Soundtracks (Les Disques des Crepescules) This compilation collects artists playing soundtrack music. Camper Van Chadbourne’s version of The Ballad of Easy Rider, identical to the album/CD release, is featured.

Lake Michigan Soda  BOB WISEMAN  (Warner Brothers)  Chadbourne plays electric rake on a classical music piece. One of his rare major label appearances, doubly curious because he is on the same album as Edie Brickel!

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7”  I Cut the Wrong Man/ They Cut off Mama’s Arm  (Detox 007-7) w/ Chadbourne Baptist Church

Pyloric Waves (Detox 11-2) The Camper Van Chadbourne line-up with Walter Malli plays Out to Lunch on this compilation.

Blotter LSDC&W (Delta DR2)  w/ Jon Rose, David Moss, Rik Rue, Only a Mother, the Son of Shockabilly  a/o   

Chadbourne Baptist Church (Delta DR1) CD release is missing 18 minutes of actual master tape and was mastered with no seperations between the tracks.

Coming Down Fast  (Manson tribute) (Helter Skelter HSN 17) Compilation presented in both CD and 10 inch vinyl forms.  Chadbourne Baptist Church renditions of How Can You Kill Me I’m Already Dead are stitched together.

Strings (Intakt 25)

Songs (Intakt 26)

Passed Normal 4 (Fot ) Same Shockabilly tracks as Passed Normal 1 lp but this time its on CD.

Downtown Does the Beatles (Knitting Factory) Chadbourne plays improperly titled medley on this comp.

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Caged/Uncaged (Cramps 97)  The less commercial of two John Cage compilation tributes done this year.  Chadbourne created his track with tapes of Jello Biafra reading from a Cage text.

Komunguitar    JIN HI KIM   (What Next? WN 12) Korean komungo virtuoso duets with Chadbourne as well as Derek Bailey, Henry Kaiser, Elliot Sharp a/o.

Terror Has Strange Kinfolk (Alternative Tentacles Virus 1119) w/ Evan Johns and the H Bombs.

7”   Achey Rakey Heart/  Checkers of Blood  was the single release in the UK from this project.  A Jello Biafra/ Mojo Nixon mini-CD or EP from this period also featured the Achey Rakey track.

Eugene Chadbourne (Hello Recording Club July 1993)   Suscription-only mini-CD presented by They Might be Giants.

Hot Burritto #2  (Extraplatter EX 186) w/ Walter Malli & Werner Dafeldecker

Malli: Artist in Residence Soundtrack (Allegro 2) WALTER MALLI  Released in conjunction with the film, which presents scenes from the Hot Burritto recording session among many other items of interest. The track on this soundtrack is identical to the one on the Extraplatter release.

Naked Songs for Contortionists  ONLY A MOTHER  (Tec Tones)  Chadbourne plays banjo.  

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Locked in a Dutch Coffeeshop  (Fundamental Hymn 2) w/ The Jack and Jim Show  (Eugene & Jimmy Carl Black.)

Electric Rake Cake (Overtone) Double CD set came in cake box, limited edition of 500.  Mostly collected from cassette releases and unissued sessions but a few tracks off other CDs.    W/ Tony Trischka, Joee Conroy, David Stilley, Shockabilly others.

Feral Chickens  ONLY A MOTHER  (Tec Tones)  Chadbourne plays banjo.

7” single w/  Thicker magazine  One side with Jimmy Carl Black, the other with Jello Biafra.

Grunge Whore  TRBNGR (Sympathy) Chadbourne plays banjo and does small comedy routine.  10” vinyl.

Violin Music in the Age of Shopping  JON ROSE (Megaphone)  Remixes of two Chadbourne country tracks to include Rose.  

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Pachuco Cadaver   (Fireant 1007) w/ The Jack and Jim Show plus Leslie Ross, Brian Ritchie, Molly Chadbourne a/o

Nijmegen Hassen Hunt (Nosehair/ Noiseville split release) w/ Han Bennink, Jin Hi Kim, Camper Van Chadbourne, Molly Chadbourne,  Jim Denley, David Moss a/o

Sun Ra Tribute: Wavelength Infinity (Rastascan) double CD features Jack and Jim with Space is the Place

 Half Japanese ‘s Greatest Hits  (Safehouse)  Triple album and double CD featured a track from a never released  1990 (?) recording session.  

The Romantic Side of Schizophrenia  FRANK PAHL ( Fot 8) Chadbourne plays banjo.

I Got Erection/ Jeg Si Bli Jesus  TRBNGR (Hit Me 7375) Chadbourne plays banjo, electric rake and sings in Norwegian on one side, making this appearance with the Norwegian hardcore band a triple threat.  Also Chadbourne smacked a soldier in the head with his banjo en route to the recording session!

Denim Demon/ I Fucked Betty Page  TRBNGR  Spanish 7” single. Chadbourne plays lead guitar.

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I Love Me    TINY TIM  (Seeland 503)  Chadbourne featured on Depression Medley, which the late singer called his “Revolution #9.”

Jesse Helms Busted for Pornography (Fireant 1009) w/ Don Helms, Kenny Malone, Michael Rhodes, Violent Femmes, Lol Coxhill, Jimmy Carl Black a/o

Chadbourne Barber Shop (Airline 61 AR 004) w/ Red Clay Ramblers, Violent Femmes, Sun City Girls, Charles Tyler, Walter Malli, Camper Van Chadbourne a/o

Boogie with the Hook  (Leo 242) duets with Han Bennink, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, Charles Tyler and Volcmar Verkerk

Memories of Nikki Arane (Incus 23) w/ John Zorn

Year of the Grets UT GRET  (ZNR 1009)  Longtime improvising partnership releases collection of collaborations. David Stilley, Joee Conroy a/o with Chadbourne on a Charlie Parker tune, plus Kaiser, Williams a/o.

Slide Crazy (Rykodisc)  American release of compilation originally brought out on French Sky Ranch label, but because they never sent Chadbourne a promo we’ll list the release here. Features ‘Rocket’ from Volume 2: Solo Acoustic Guitar

Bubbahey Mudtruck (Fireant 1008)  The Crude Gene Mannipulappalachian project with Barry Mitterhof, Bob Jordan and Charles Rosina featured on two songs.

Silkeartbricht Miniaturen (n.r. Kult 040)  Hannover arts centre collects one minute pieces, Chadbourne’s is an Insect and Western excerpt.

vinyl  12”      The Acquaduct (Rectangle E)  Pressed on ½ “ thick vinyl, w/ overdubbed Eddie Chatterbox Trio, Nashville sessions, Mexican project, Molly and Lizzie Chadbourne,  etc.  

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Patrizio  (Victo 46)  w/ Paul Lovens  First ME AND PAUL CD. 

End to Slavery (Intakt 47)

vinyl  12”      Psychad (Swamp Room #?)  Collects Chadbourne psychedelic material, some never released before, plus autobiographical text about the sixties. With Jimmy Carl Black, Ed Cassidy, Camper Van Chadbourne,  Evan Johns and the H Bombs, the Sun City Girls a/o./

Parachute Box (Tzadik)  Collection of early John Zorn material heavy with Chadbourne. All pieces also eventually released on individual Tzadik CDs.

Solo Acoustic Guitar: 1976  (Rastascan)     Re release of Parachute Poo2 with additional material.

Country Music from Southeast Australia (Entropy Stereo)   Re-release of RRR-001 with additional material featuring David Moss and Jim Denley.

From the Hellingtunes (Intakt) Debut release of Ellington Country, with Pat Thomas, Alex Ward, Carrie Shull, Leslie Ross and Paul Lovens

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Lust Corner (Winter and Winter)   Noel Akchote duet with Chadbourne and Marc Ribot

White Women  (Shoe)  Chadbourne play on one track on this album by Atlanta band William Carlos Williams

Jungle Cookies (Old Gold)  Double CD set with William Carlos Williams band plus Dan Plonsey, Walter Malli, Lout Houtkamp, Tony Trischka, Volcmar Verkerk, Tom Heasley, Troy Spencer Kimber a/o

Total Tuesday (House of Chadponk)  Live material with Hellington Country Band, inaugurating Chadbourne’s new custom label.

Insect and Western Party  (Charm School)  with Carrie Shull, Brian Ritchie, Carrio Biolo, Brent Dunn

Insect Attracter  (Leo)  First collection of Insect and Western compositions with Shull, Ritchie, Biolo, Trischka, Plonsey, Heasley, Dunn, plus Joee Conroy, Mischa Feigin, Paul Lovens, Pat Thomas, Alex Ward, Steve Good, Ashley Adams, Gino Robair,  a/o

Horror Part One  (House of Chadponk)  All horror movie tributes done solo, multitracked and in ensemble with Steve Good, Joee Conroy and Norman Minogue on theramin and drums!   Features Lucio Fulci tribute, House by the Cemetary.

Wild Partner (House of Chadponk)  Chadbourne duets with string players Tony Trischka, Duck Baker, Loren Mazzacane Conners and Davey Williams.

Les Mysteres des Voix Vulgaires #2  (Art as Hammer) Compilation by Italian anarchist collective features solo track by Chadbourne.

Alloy (Omnium)  Box set of material by Boiled in Lead features onstage jam with Chadbourne.

Remove the Cork (Demosaurus)  by Frank Pahl.  Chadbourne appears.

Damned Pretty Snout (Transmogrification) by Only a Mother.   Chadbourne guests.  

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Worms With Strings (Leo) Tribute to string players with Carla Kihlstedt, George Cremaschi, Tony Trischka, Barry Mitterhof, the ‘Crude Gene’ group a/o

The Emotional and Intellectual World of the Cockroach  (House of Chadponk)  A major work in the Insect and Western series, done mostly as a multitrack.

Camper Van Chadbourne (Knitting Factory)  Used Record Pile

Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne (Knitting Factory)

The Guitar Lesson (Victo)  Duo CD with Henry Kaiser

Any Suggestions? (Grob solo CD)

Beauty and the Bloodsucker (Leo)  Ensemble music about butterflies

Normalized  (House of Chadponk) solo

Horror Part II Banned (House of Chadula)

Young and Innocent Days     (Swamp Room double vinyl, House of Chadula CD)

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The Zu Side of Chadbourne (Robi Droli) collaboration with Italian Zu band

Texas Sessions: To Doug, Chapter One  (House of Chadula)

Communication is Over-rated and Chasing the Captain Jack  (House of Chadula)

I Talked to Death in Stereo (Leo) features Horror Part One band, others

Jazz Bunker    (Golden Days)  Double CD release of concert with Han Bennink, Toshinori Kondo  

Chadlehn - C Inside (Grob) Eugene Chadbourne & Thomas Lehn live from June 9, 1999 at the Stadtgarten Cologne.

Young At Heart / Forgiven (Leo) - Double CD featuring PAUL LOVENS. 

Piramida Ca Puesti (Leo) - Three new solo improvisations on Dobro "...set against the background of intrigue and insanity in post Caecescu Romania.

Greetings from Pino and Bacco (House of Chadula)

Me and Paul (House of ChadulaLive from Action 2000 fest

Della Five Banger (House of Chadulasolo banjo

Seven Sisters (House of Chadulasolo banjo

Eddie Chatterbox on Broadway, Volume One (House of Chadula)

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The Banjo Duet   Het Grote Scandal San Francisco  (House of Chadula) with Volcmar Verkerk

PsyCHADelidoowop - Camper Van Chadbourne (Magnetic / Swamp Room Records)- A wonderful new addition to their catalog of releases. Recorded in studio and live during December 2000.

21 Years Later (Train Kept A Rollin') - Han Bennink & Eugene Chadbourne (Leo) - Recorded live on their 2000 US tour. Almost the entire show from the September 2000 show at Earthshaking Music in Atlanta Georgia.

Horror Part III: X The Man With the X Ray Eyes  (House of Chadula)

Eddie Chatterbox on Broadway, Volume Two  (House of Chadula)

Eddie Chatterbox on Broadway, Volume Three (House of Chadula)

Reissue: THE PRESIDENT HE IS INSANE (House Of Chadula)  This is a reissue of the Iridescent vinyl production, one of the Doc's craziest, and also the debut recording of his protest song material.  (Circa the Reagan era).  Some additional material is added including the notorious, never released tune about Jeffrey Dahmer, "Screw a Corpse with a Naked Dick."

JACK AND JIM     2001: A SPACED ODYSSEY  (House Of Chadula)   The brand new Jack and Jim CD, 2001: A Spaced Odyssey, is now available.  All new material includes new Beefheart and Hendrix covers and some new songs by Jack and Jim including Jimmy's autobiographical "Who the Heck is Sonny Black?"  Full length CD available for the Doc's usual prices....maybe you want to look through the catalog for past masters that have been overlooked.
Eugene Chadbourne featuring Joe Williamson & Uli Jenessen   AYLER UNDEAD (Grob)   Fabulous compilation of live & studio recordings from Eugene's tribute to Albert Ayler presented for the Spring of 2000 Cologne Music Triennial Festival. Truly an exercise in the sacred right of musical ecstasy. Fine playing by all, with massive amounts of 'freaking out in the middle'!! 

From the Grob catalog- Amidst the welter of the legendary, unlistenable and uncool Chadbourne releases, Ayler Undead (recorded in Cologne in 2000 and in his home Greensboro) sticks out, not only because Dr. Chadbourne is presenting a new Free Jazz trio with the Berlin improvisers Joe Williamson (bass) and Uli Jenneßen (drums) and recorded a few unconventional overdubs, but more so because Ayler Undead is the first recording that is wholly dedicated to Albert Ayler and his music. The trio plays his compositions with one exception: Hendrix-like they destroy "La Marseillaise." Chadbourne makes two aspects of Ayler's music (again) very clear: the psychedelic and the free jazzy. The music is supplemented by extensive liner notes of the master, by graphic investigation of Sven von Redens on the complex "Ayler <--> Chadbourne" and by a statement of the producer Felix Klopotek. The post production and the mastering was done by Marcus Schmickler.

THE NEW WAR (House Of Chadula) : It had to happen! Finally, the events of the last few months have demanded the return of critical & satirical analysis, as well as a healthy dose of skepticism to the arena of the PROTEST SONG. Eugene has been spurred by the current intellectual and cultural climate to spontaneously commit to Compact Disc this insightful set of songs. Ten tunes, some old (by the likes of Beefheart, Phil Ochs, Butthole Surfers, Doug Sahm, & Lauryn Hill) , some new , mostly solo- but for the contributions of The Chadbourne Baptist Church, Immigrant Sons & Noah John. An absolute must have release!


MISS ANN 7" (Father Yod)  : Side A's tracks: Miss Ann and Wow! are Chadbourne solo live in Hebden Bridge, England. On side B, Chadbourne is joined by Han Bennink on Woooo and Miss Ann. The man can't bust our music, so why should fidelity?

The Early Years   by Jack and Jim   (Inkanish)

Tribute to Jesse Helms  by Jack and Jim  (Inkanish)  Restored version of long lost Jack and Jim album.

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Zu and Chadbourne     Motorhellington   (Robi Droli) 

Texas Sessions, Chapter Two: To Doug  (Boxholder) With Ernie Durawa, Speedy Sparks, Susan Alcorn and Walter Daniels

Homeland Security   (House of Chadula)   second in new protest series

Jimi II  (House of Chadula) all Hendrix tribute with Jimmy Carl Black, Pat Thomas

The Malakoff Diggings    Fourth Me and Paul CD.

Compilation:   Poison Ochs    Phil Ochs tribute on the WD label

Compilation: Embriogenia 1991-2000  (Genital Productions}  Chad appears on Mexican comp.

Horror Part IV:  The Thing with Two Heads (House of Chadula)

Now Return Us to Normal: January, 1979  (House of Chadula) duo with Randy Hutton, solo

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HORROR PART SIX Following some great field recordings during a recent ice storm, the latest volume in this series is now available: "Frankenstein On Ice" is the collective title for this series of pieces, mostly played on a new, homemade prepared lap steel guitar.

To Prevail or Not to Prevail    With Bush promising to prevail and nobody wanting him to, Dr. Chad launches another volume of protest music, this time combining a series of new songs with out of print material from the album I've Been Everywhere and an out of print Blackjack single that was released during the first Gulf War. Besides the great title banjo tune, this set contains  new songs such as Needle In a Tub and National Propaganda Radio.
CHADKYTRAPP        A new series of improvised groupings on CD demonstrates that the good Doc is still spending alot of time extemporizing with unusual and intriguing group formations.  The Ukranian bandura player Julian Kytasty, who has also recorded with Derek Bailey, gets to go on a different kind of trip here. Also featured is Evan Rapport, a fine reed player associated with the Baltimore scene who plays multiple reeds at once and also blows a mean shofar. Speaking of which, "The Shofar Keep a Blowin'" is one of the hits here along with a version of "Volunteered Slavery."  Some listeners say this is the funniest Dr. Chad CD they have ever heard.
CHADKLAPPMUNTZ   But is it as funny as this group, recorded in Stockholm exactly one week after Osama Bin Laden's meisterstucke.  Martin Klapper is one of the Doc's favorite players, manipulating an arsenal of toys and motors with cheap electronic amplification. The Swedish Herman Muntzing has built several strange home-made instruments that join in the excitement.  Lots of great noise improv but also some song material including John Lee Hooker's "Nobody To Talk To" and a version of "Dock of the Bay" that will make Michael Bolton gulp a handful of acid hits!  We hope.
I SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK   Hot off the presses, it is the second Dr. Chad protest collection in a month.  It is just plain hard keeping up with all the absurdity on the hoof, or on the march would be more accurate. Two new songs that audiences really enjoyed on the recent Midwest tour,
the title track and the hilarious "Dictator's Gazelle" bookend hefty excerpts from a 1990 Chicago performance that was jampacked with material based on period hijinx, such as the invasion of Panama--that one was Operation Just Cause--and the overthrow and execution of Caecescu in Romania.  To round things out, the Doc's favorite version of "Oil of Hate", with a combination of Camper Van Chadbournes, Only a Mothers and Molly Chadbourne, is in the program, thanks to the suggestion from a fan who said the song was impossible to find on any currently available releases.

HORROR PART SEVEN: THE POST DAY OF THE DEAD RITUAL  This popular (among musicians, anyway) repertoire suite is visited in excerpts from the Halloween 2002 performance with Ut Gret in Louisville, Kentucky and the Vienna performance with Camper Van Chadbourne more than a decade earlier. Tribute sections include covers of Charles Mingus’ Fables of Faubus and Frank Zappa’s King Kong. Styles on this album also include extended sound improvisation, noise, Indian raga, punk rock, etc. Musicians include Joee Conroy, Jonathan Segel, Steve Good, Walter Malli, Victor Krummenacher and others. ($14 homemade case/$15jewel case ready/$16 in jewel case, all prices postpaid)

WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN: A new double CD featuring The Jack and Jim Show plus The Artist Formerly Known as Black Paddy. The trio of Jack and Jim (that’s me and Jimmy Carl Black for anyone who been living in a cave, specifically “The Cave”) plus the wonderful Pat Thomas was originally formed for a tribute to Jimi Hendrix in Reggio Emilia. A CD that resulted from that, Jimi II on the House of Chadula label, led to an invitation to play at the Kongsberg Festival in Norway last summer. Out of this we created a driving tour and invited the usual gang of documenters to come along and document. From a stack of live recordings done at concerts in Norway and Denmark, including a bunch of recordings out on the street, I have created this epic document of friendship, particularly the musical kind in which a group’s entire repertoire is passed along to a great new member and brought back to life in the process. Not that standard numbers of the Jack and Jim Show such as Willie the Pimp had died, but the addition of Pat Thomas on acoustic piano makes this a whole new trip. There is also new material such as The Girl From Al Queda, I Support the Troops and I Want My Money Back, a cover version of DMX’s One More Road to Cross on banjo and two versions of Iron Man by Eric Dolphy with sizzling electric guitar. Lots of banjo versions of Beefheart and Zappa, oldtime music. Jimmy Carl discusses drag racing. Blues. A Hendrix section. There is a lot of good stuff on these two CDs--
$20 postpaid in Dr. Chad’s handmade covers, a total of 130 minutes of music approximately.
($21 dbl. Jewel case ready/ $22 in jewel cases. )


Competition of Misery is finally in! This is a release on an Italian collective label organized by my good friend Marco Pandini. It took a long time for this collection of protest songs from various sources to actually get printed and released. The result is one of the most beautiful packages I have ever seen with lots of photographs and the lyrics of all the songs—in Italian! The songs come from a combination of various recordings I have released, some of which would be quite familiar to my listeners such as Corpses of Foreign War, unreleased live versions of songs and several solo home recordings specifically done for this album. The project was originally assembled more than a decade ago, so that would be the political perspective. So, in other words, nothing has changed in the Competition of Misery, things have just gotten worse. $15 postpaid!

Dr. Chadbourne’s Adventures at the Guitar Festival, otherwise known as Greetings Fellow Pickers, has come in, a two CD set on the Leo label which I believe I can offer up at $22 postpaid while I have copies available. The event took place a few summers ago at Tonic and involved many great players such as most of the Sonic Youth band, Loren Mazzacane, Joe Morris, Elliot Sharp, Kenta Nagai, Don Fleming and more. One disc is various duos and trios while the other presents more than an hour’s worth of improvisation in the “sound shift” mode, the players rotating as the music progresses. Nobody could figure out who was playing in the end and several recording engineers were deafened in the process. The comparison between this event and Woodstock that was made at the time was overdoing it, to me; for one thing, the guitars are more in tune on Greetings Fellow Pickers than at Woodstock. But for sure fans of “wild guitar” will enjoy this collection.

German Country and Western: Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Violin played on 5-string Banjo (Volatile)

Old Time Banjo EP (Relaxey-Vous)

Honky Tonk Nachtlokaal - further documentation of The Chadbournes and collaboration with French Wild Bud group (Leo)

Compilation: Angels of Life in a Psychic Wasteland (Eerie Materials)

Country Protest Anew with Noah John (Killdeer)

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STONED FOR THE FUTURE – (House of Chadula)


LEADERS SPLIT CRACK (BLUES 2004) (House of Chadula)

DOC CHADS BANJO BOOK (House of Chadula)

YEAR OF THE CHADFEST 2-cd (House of Chadula)

AKI TAKASE: Fats Waller Project (Enja)

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The Hills Have Jazz (Boxholder)

Compilation: Les Mysteres des Voix Vulgaires #2 (Art as Hammer)

CHAD AND HAN (House of Chadula)

DUCK CHAD! (House of Chadula)


2005D CHADBIRISH EUCK with Malachy Papers (House of Chadula)

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Ut Gret: Recent Fossils (25th Anniversary 3-CD set)

The Foxbourne Chronicles with David Fox (Assembled Sound)

G.O.I.N.  - Get Goin' (House of Chadula)

G.O.I.N.  April Fools in Holland (Straw into Gold DVD)

DOC CHAD COFFEE CURE  (House of Chadula)

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COUNTRY BOOBS!  (House of Chadula)

Compilation: Sidewalk Songs and City Stories: New Urban Folk (Trikont)

Hearing is Believing: The Jack and Jim Show (Boxholder)

Frank Pahl: Songs of War and Peace (Acidsoxx)

Compilation: David Jourdan and Yuji Oshima: 1% (Pork Salad Press)

Andrea Centazzo: Ictus Records 30th Anniversary Collection box set

Andrea Centazzo: New York Tapes reissue

Andrea Centazzo: USA Concerts reissue

Andrea Centazzo: The German Horse (duet from 1978)

Andrea Centazzo: The Warriors (trio with Toshinori Kondo, 1979)

The Jack and Jim Show: 2001 A Spaced Odyssey (Straw into Gold DVD)

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