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The House of Chadula now has a Paypal account set up to expedite order payments.
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In the past, this has been a missing element on the website allowing folks to get directly in touch with me. Many of you have sent orders along via Ben, the humble webmaster. Now you can use the above address for Paypal payments as well as simply direct communicado with the Doctorado. For regular snail mail orders by check, etc. see below...

My new catalog dispenses with the numbering system forced on me by a distributor who made one order. Please refer to items you are ordering by
their title.

As a new method of organization I am trying alphabetical order. Each entry hopefully clarifies key customer concerns identified after years of answering them:  date of recording if there is one/type of recording/nature of project.  There might also be a list or sampling of titles, featured or complete personnel and I am taking a stab at my own star rating system to denote my own opinion.

A previous attempt to silently exercising this opinion by removing titles for the catalog was a fiasco, although not from the business point of view, customers jumped up and wanted whatever had been removed from the catalog.

I have extensively organized all the master recordings in the library and will now offer a complete listing of all the titles that have come out in the CD-R format on House of Chadula. This catalog contains reissues of both vinyl and cassette material. Customers looking for out of print or hard to find titles on small labels from any time in my career should feel free to make inquiries, in most cases I can provide a CD-R with some if not all of the original art work & notes—or an improvement.

All the CD-rs are guaranteed for life, just contact me by email with the titles of what needs to be replaced, there is no reason to send back defective discs—keep the cover art however, the replacement will only be the disc. 

Orders are prepaid.
Sorry I have had to raise rates because of postal service prices rising.
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DVDs are $20 postpaid in USA, or $25 postpaid abroad

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After years in preparation, the Good Doctor has released his most intimate venture
into the realm of Fine Literature:

Dreamory is a soft cover perfect bound book with more than 1000 pages.
It weighs in at a bit over 3 pounds, so earns the all important status of "thick"
as established by legendary guru Pinky Das Gupta.

It is a collection of my tour and dream diaries, teenage and draft dodging memoirs and much more. It is my life, up til now, and I am very proud of it. List price is $36 + shipping.

Now  available for the hordes of eagerly waiting Chadsters!
DREAMORY Ordering Information:


First Class Postal Service - $54.65 shipped
Postal Media Rate - $40.00 shipped


$62.00 with First Class Postage


$73.00 with International First Class Postage

MONEY SAVING TIP:   Customers abroad who are frightened at the postage cost
should bear in mind that if they can put together a group order of two, three or four books,
the postal flat rate for up to 20 pounds results in a savings on the postage over the price of an
individual book order.  Inquire for more information, eugene@eugenechadbourne.com

Customers abroad who notice a Doc Chad tour coming in their direction are advised it makes good sense to
put it an advance order to have the book brought to you, I am using two methods of getting
books across the ocean for tour sales but because of the weight of these bastards in neither
case does that mean a huge stock at each show, so far other than the London show there have been no
'open sales' on the books, just copies delivered to customers (or venue staff) that have put in an advance order.

The House of Chadula now has a Paypal account set up to expedite order payments.
To utilize Paypal, all you need is my e mail address:

For regular snail mail orders by check, etc. see below...

Orders are prepaid.

Send to:
Eugene Chadbourne
707 Longview St.
Greensboro NC 27403



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ADRIFT  - A sampling of live and studio work in process circa 2010 and highly influenced by a trip back to my hometown of Boulder, this is the first CD appearance of the popular title track.  ***
AMBER  - A duet with bassist Billy McCarroll recorded in Calgary a touch later than the mid ‘70s, live with decent recording (reel to reel) despite wide dynamic range. Modern jazz including original compositions. ****
AND THE WIND CRIES MALACHY   - Several live sets from 2000 with myself and KC’s Malachy Papers were combed over with a resulting set list that includes Roger Miller, Captain Beefheart, John Lee Hooker, Thelonious Monk and my famous version of “U Got it Bad” by Usher!  With Mark Southerland, reeds and homemade  instruments/Mike Dillon, drums, percussion, vibraphone/Johnny Hamill, bass/Brad Hauser, baritone sax. ***
ANOTHER COUNTRY   - Thanks to Karl Straub for footing the bill in Nashville, getting me together with Hank Williams steel player Don Helms, legendary drummer Kenny Malone, bassist Michael Rhodes and others. There are both country covers (Roger Miller, Tammy Wynette, Lefty Frizzell) and originals including Old Piano, Bricks of Gold, A Little Tunnel, Castle and The German Chase, the latter perhaps establishing a record for the number of homicides in a bluegrass number.   1994  *****
AYLER    (aka DOC CHAD AYLER)   - The two disc set collects all the covers of Albert Ayler pieces that I could find in my catalog, solos and ensembles, various times, dates and recording quality, live & studio combined. ***** and all the stars in the sky for Albert Ayler.

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   - My recording of Bach violin sonatas and partitas on the 5-string banjo was originally released on the Volatile label from Alberta and could still be available on that label. I make a CD-r version with an improved cover. The banjo solos were done in my studio with excellent sound. Since I am hardly a classically trained musician there could be a variety of reactions to this project, nonetheless I am happy to report the CD has developed a following among some highly talented and respected musicians!  2002 ****
BIGGER COUNTRY BOOBS   - Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani and I recorded this in my home studio in the winter of 2011, it is a collection of classic country by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, etc, etc, plus extended free improvisation. Don’t Take Your Guns to Town and Bony Fingers feature background vocals from the delightful Evil Club.  Hit track: Drivin’ My Life Away.  Great sound!   ******

   - Originally available in the early ’80s cassette series, the combines live and radio performances from Chapel Hill, NC and Olympia, Washington. Participants include Joee Conroy, David Stilley, Robin James, Murray Reams, Gil Fray and David Nikias on a variety of instruments and sound sources. I also experimented with changing the speed on the free improv pieces and sections can be heard repeated in several different speeds. While also suffering from the same digital loss from an analog source, this particular CD version comes across somewhat better due to the better quality of original recording sources (college radio board). ***
BIRD CAGE   - Initially part of my cassette catalog in the early ‘80s, this is a home studio collage with low-tech equipment utilizing live recordings, turntables and field recordings. The present CD-R version is a digital transfer done my Mike Schafer. Personally I think this material comes across better on cassette, the low tech sound analog sound loses a great deal in transfer.  **

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CAMPER VAN CHADBOURNE plus EDDIE CHATTERBOX DOUBLE TRIO LOVE ALBUM - My 1988 recording with Camper Van Beethoven remains my best selling LP ever and is combined in a double CD pack with the follow up. The CDs combine originals and covers, highlights include Fayettenam and They Can make it Rain Bombs as well as a generous portion of Tim Buckley covers. The Camper line-up is augmented by soprano saxophonist Bruce Ackley, pianist Graham Connah and Joee Conroy on mandolin and koto.  Fine quality studio recordings both originally released on vinyl. ******
CHADBIRISH EUCK  - For St. Patrick’s Day, 2009, Malachy Papers and I scored Kansas City gigs and I followed up on my hunch that traditional tunes from the Irish fiddle book would make good modern jazz material. Nobody else thought so, this is one of my worst sellers ever. Mostly it is a beautiful studio recording but the live tracks (also high quality) include non Irish covers of River Man and Beat It. With Mike Dillon, Mark Southerland, Johnny Hamill.  *****
CHADBORN AGAIN  - This project began a series of recording ventures with Joee Conroy in Louisville, Kentucky, although my playing relationship wilth him began circa Camper van Chadbourne. The 16 track machine broke down before everything was finished and the resulting work was never quite finished or released, passing through the hands of about a half dozen labels. As a CD the set list includes more recent recordings of some of the songs originally planned for this album. Here are the first studio versions of Cop Died for Golf Course and People with Too Much, later redone in Nashville. The version of Phil Ochs’ Cross My Heart is I feel one of my best cover versions. The cover of Pete Seeger’s Big Muddy boasts one of rock and roll’s greatest contrabass clarinet solos courtesy of David Stilley.   1991 ******
CHADBOURNE AUCTION HOUSE  - I started with one of the earliest recordings available (early ‘70s) and picked something from every year after that, a wide variety of formats and sources and styles. It is a really unique collection with previously unreleased material as well as excerpts from cassette anthologies such as the My New Life Series.  ******
CHADBOURNE BAPTIST CHURCH  - This band was active in the late ‘80s and early 90’s, releasing one self-titled CD on the Fundamental label. That is VOLUME ONE,  highlights including originals Our Neighborhood, The High Safeway, Piddle House, Pillhappy Principal and the epic Another Day Gone Another Lawman Wrong. A flaw in the Fundamental release piled everything onto one track (70 minutes long!) and chopped off CD bonus tracks. (The LP version however was never released). Both of these problems are corrected with my CD-R version. Participants include Murray Reams, Bob Jordan, Chis Turner, Gil Fray , David Doyle and Lenny Kaye.
CHADBOURNE BAPTIST CHURCH  - VOLUME TWO - processes live recordings with Reams, Turner, Jordan, Doyle and others. Some of these tracks were released on a Greensboro vinyl label and the excellent cover art from that project is reproduced. ****  
CHADBOURNE BAPTIST CHURCH  -  VOLUME THREE - is more of the same although I focus on cover versions of Ghosts by Albert Ayler and my own How Can You Kill me I’m Already Dead and experimented with piling up multiple recordings. More musicians are involved including saxophonists wandering in off the street, many unidentified. **    
CHADBOURNE LUCK  - A two volume series (available individually), was inspired by the romance novel of the same name and resulting adapted art work and sample page give-aways. The material is mostly my solo recordings of bop and American songbook standards played on various guitar and banjos, from live and home studio settings.  VOLUME ONE and VOLUME TWO, recordings from various periods. Please specify the desired Volume! ****
CHADFEST  (The Year of the Chadfest) - A large cast gathers over two CDs recorded at separate Chadfest events in Kansas City and Greensboro, “early new millennium”, the programs include compositions from the Insect and Western series and free improvisation. With Mark Southerland, Johnny Hamill, Martin Klapper, Carrie Shull, David Doyle, Scott Manring a/o.  *****
CHADKLAPPMUNTZ - The first release, an excellent live recording, from my trio with Martin Klapper and Herman Muntzing on electronics, toys and homemade instruments, one of my more free form and less song orientated ensembles.  2000*****
CHADKYTRAPP  - Another free improv trio pairing which presented only one performance well recorded at the Knitting Factory with digital equipment. Julian Kytasty plays a variety of ethnic instruments and sings in Ukrainian, the  under-rated Evan Rappaport plays reeds.  2000 *****
CLICK CLACK  - This solo banjo collection has some good tracks but suffered from some problematic live digital futz that has been corrected. Material comes from a variety of sources and mostly early new millennium dates, Beefheart banjo cover included.  ****
CLOUDS AND WATER  - Wade McGregor recorded this 1979 Calgary concert with CBC reel to reel equipment and Dennis Burton later digitized superbly. I am visiting after relocation to NYC and the solo program reflects my interests at the time, compositions such as Piazza del Duomo and interpretations of jazz material by Monk and Bird. ******
COLLOSEUM   (Shockabilly Coliseum) - With this studio album we went in a more folk rock and original song direction, which the Rough Trade label completely hated. The Roman theme, inspired by the band’s arrival in Rome and subsequent double bill with Alterations (!) in Bologna, is expressed with the ballad Roman Man as well as the multi-part Too Big For Its Cage, a tribute to a Ray Harryhausen monster. The portion of a blazing live Ann Arbor set from Joe’s Star Lounge in which Kramer’s gear was actually functioning makes up the added material.  1984
COMMUNICATION IS OVER RATED - On this CD I combined two projects I worked on rabidly during the ‘90s. The title piece is a piece combining solo dobro composition and improvisation with tape material, focusing mainly on cable TV interviews my mother did about growing up in Nazi Germany. After this piece was rejected by Tzadik, I decided to combine with the extensive Chasin’ the Captain Jack, a piece involving native American music that had been available in various forms on cassette. Much of the multi tracking was done on a vintage Ampex 4 track utilizing many instruments including prepared piano. Leslie Ross on bassoon and Chris Turner on harmonica are among the guests. ******
CONCERTO SERIES   In 2012 I began a new series of extended compositions in which various types of orchestra configurations are achieved via complex multi tracking and montage. As a good concerto does, various “solo instruments” are featured although these aren’t always what is expected. My instrumentation for these pieces includes guitars, piano, piano, organ, prepared piano, drums and percussion, baclamel, charango, djumbus, bajo sexto, home made instruments and personal effects.
CONCERTO A - Concerto for Smoke Detector
CONCERTO B - Concerto for Jaguar.  In concerto grosso fashion a second soloist is featured, a Duck.
CONCERTO C  AKA The Last House on the Left of the Black Lagoon - The Creature from the Black Lagoon is ostensibly the soloist but I found him (it?) unpredictable to work with and had no choice but to play some of the Creature’s parts on banjo.
CONCERTO D  - Creating Wealth With Government Loans. The latest concerto was recorded beginning on Election Day, 2012.  Elliot Carter died soon thereafter and the piece evolved into a dedication to him. Bo Diddley was envisioned as the soloist but I played his parts, at least I used a Bo Diddley guitar and achieved a wonderful sound placing the microphone in another room. (Redistricting?) . Other members of the concerto grosso tuttti ensemble include our familiar concerto lecturer as well as a board of financial advisors.
CONSTELLATION RAKE - This started as a cassette in the early ‘80s, inspired by proposed cover art sent to me by David Greenberger, which remains the only good thing about it. Gil Fray and David Doyle and I recorded this in Aycock Auditorium in Greensboro, with cassette or reel to reel. The room has great acoustics but some of the material is distorted. A large sampling keyboard was brand new technology at this point and is used to sample the rake; our performance took place concurrently with a public radio broadcast of Stravinksy’s Rake’s Progress, some of which is cut into the mix. Despite all these good ingredients and some funny contributions from 3-year old Molly (the session was combined with baby sitting), I never thought much of this and even less of the digital transfer done by Mike Schafer. **
CORPSES OF FOREIGN WAR - The Violent Femmes came a calling, leading to one of my best produced sessions and a recording that holds up very well over the years. The CD is identical to the album although the cover art has been completely redone. Highlights here include Der Fuehrer’s Face, the Mayor’s New Law, the Bully Song, Why Kids Go to School, I’m Your Neighbor and KKKremlin. Features Brian Ritchie and Victor deLorenzo, original rhythm section and founders of the now defunct Femmes, R.I.P. Studio recording,  1986 *******
COUNTRY BOOBS - With the Psychad studios newly equipped due to an insurance settlement, I set to work in 2007 on an ultimate collaboration with daughters Molly and Lizzie, whose perverse sense of humor had been always quite enjoyable to me. There are several originals on this such as Condaleeza Rice and She Fainted at Bonaroo, but the focus is mostly on new approaches to cover versions of more contemporary material including rap (Danger!), Cyndi Lauper (Time After Time) and Ween (Piss up a Rope). The new multi tracking set up allowed me to record on my growing collection of stringed instruments such as baclamel and bajo sexto. “The best sounding Chadbourne record ever” quoth David Doyle and he oughtta know. ******
COUNTRY MUSIC IN THE WORLD OF ISLAM - It is the Sun City Girls that retain the most cachet of any of the bands I worked with during this series of collaborative sets, originally financed by Fundamental records. Elliot Sharp was also a guest on this recording in which I utilized unique and entertaining recording methods, winding up with an album that mixed many songs together with intense electric free jamming. Perfume of the Desert, The Man Who Made off with the Money, I’m Not You and Big John Loves his Dick are among the originals, but rockers seem to like The List is too Long.   1990   ******
COUNTRY PROTEST - Now I am off as a solo artist again with an actual budget from Fundamental records to collaborate with among others the Red Clay Ramblers, Lenny Kaye and Greensboro’s unique F-Art Ensemble. For the CD version I added a pair of fun tracks including a duet with banjoist Tony Trischka. Listeners who like oldtime music may find this my most satisfying outing, however it is simply not tied down to any one genre, proven by the lengthy Medley in C in which the Red Clay Ramblers and I cover Butthole Surfers and Black Flag tunes as part of the set. 1985  ******

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THE DAWN OF SHOCKABILLY - Now the Chadbournes morph into Shockabilly, a trio focusing more on psychedelic than country and also introducing original songs, initially as a way of collecting publishing royalties. “Dawn” was an EP, like all the entries in the House of Chadula Shockabilly series, the additional material comes from a large collection of cassettes recorded by David Licht on an excellent portable Sony machine that had a fine built in condenser as well as higher quality recordings done by radio stations. Even the cassette recordings have a decent sound and are amusing documents of the venues they were recorded in, at points approaching documentary status thanks to the enthusiastic shout-outs from audience members. 1982 *****
DEAD COUNTRY - I make a CD r version with improved artwork available on this 2010 Konnex release, not always easy to find, combining me in a studio session of free improv and folk material with Turkish improvisers including Umut Cagler (heard here on guitar before he switched over to organ) of the free jazz Konstrukt ensemble in its spin off form known as Dead Country.  These extended, noisy jams got good reviews. *****
DELLA  5-BANGER  - The first in a series of instrumental solo banjo recordings, mostly done in my home studio although one track here comes from the Pink Bob lab in Normal, Illinois. This is more the abstract side of the banjo with some old time overtones. This was also the premiere production for the
CD-r label, circa 1999-2000.  ****
DINOSAUR ON THE WAY - As a cassette this was highly influential on the low tech scene and also influenced the song choice on Shockabilly Heaven. The digital transfer is, to me, not effective.  The tracks first saw the light of day circa the late ‘70s, early ‘80s, here is the first appearance of How Can You Kill me I’m Already Dead as well as the hilarious Wiffer Woffer  Song  and some horribly recorded Shockabilly rejects, McDeath and Nympho Lodge.  ***
DOC CHAD BANJO BOOK - There is quite a contrast between the banjo solos based on old time material here and the collaborations with players such as Han Bennink on drums and Martin Klapper on toys and electronics. All my banjo solos sitting in with Aquarium Rescue Unit are also featured in a combined violation of copyright laws and Dean Benedetti style editing exercise. A popular item with collectors, recordings 2004-2008 (approx) and a mixed bag of recording quality. *****
DOC CHAD IS BACK! - Live and studio demo versions of songs that, in some cases, were more fully realized on the Reason and Treason releases, some of this material was also finished for the Polish Zupa Dupa Kupa vinyl release.  2009-2010 mixture of solo and small ensemble tracks. ****
DOC CHAD COFFEE CURE - This anthology was inspired by a blend of coffee created by Luna Roasters in Green Bay Wisconsin, there are live and home studio tracks, covers and original compositions including some of Lizzie’s effective anti-religious teenage poetry.  The program jumps around but the newer material is early new millennium, this was the follow up to Duck Chad! *****
DOC CHAD ELECTION - This collection of solos was current in the 2008 election campaign as evidenced by the Election Song rhyme of “Putin, Stalin, McCain, Palin.” Live and studio recordings, fairly good quality. *****
DOC RAKE AND THE HURLEY MAN - Mike Schafer put together this short CD of the jam between me and Michael Hurley at a summer 2005 gig. ****

1. The DOCHADEMONIC "hate" set

1 Eventually 


3. The Red Telephone

4.  The Same Old South

5. Compared to What

6. How Can You Re-Up?


8. Sooner or Later

9. The Mountain Men
10. Wishin' All These Old Things Were New 


Eugene Chadbourne: vocals, guitars, banjos, baclamel, quatro, djumbus, turntable on all tracks, percussion 1, 2

Charles Tyler: clarinet, 1

Warren Smith: marimba, vibraphone, 2

Rogier Smal: drums on 2, 3, 4, 5

Walter Daniels: harmonica on 6, 7, 8, 9

Earl Poole Ball:  piano on 7, 8, 9

Redd Volkaert: guitar on 9, 10

Ernie Durawa, drums on 8

Recorded in studios and on stages in Greensboro, New York City, Amsterdam and Austin.


Eugene Chadbourne wrote otherwise created 1, 2, 6, 9

3 Arthur Lee   4 Ed Iliscu/Jay Gorney    5 Eugene McDaniels

  7 Malvina Reynolds   8 Doug Sahm       10 Merle Haggard



2. The companion set is      

                         DOCHADEMONIC    "love"


1.  Too Scared to Look

2. Bye Bye Blues Slow Ride

Some Days Are Diamonds

5. I'd Come Back to Me


7. Sandy Lynn's Blues


9. Jerusalum (how insensitive)Slow Ride

10. Anticipated
Slow Ride

eUGENE CHADBOURNE; GUITARS, BANJOS, VOCALS, BACLAMEL, cjumbus, quatro, ORGAN , prepared piano , turntables , palm synthesizer , highly modified duck call ON ALL TRACKS.


leslie ross: bassoon.  1

david stilley: CONTRABASS CLARINET, 1


walter malli, soprano sax, 2

grimsley high school stage band, 2


rogier smal; drums 9, 11

redd volkaert: guitars 4, 7, 8

EARL POOLE BALL; piano  5, 6

WALTER DANIELS; harmonica 4, 6, 7

Recorded in studios and on stages in Greensboro, Amsterdam, New York city and Austin.

portions of 2, 9, 10 based on  lonesome dave peverett
3 PAUL MCCARTNEY/4 dick feller/5 roger miller/7 jeffrey evans


DON’T BURN THE FLAG, LET’S BURN THE BUSH - 2001 brought a whole series of political diatribes, this one combines mostly live solo and ensemble tracks, although some of the live recordings are close to studio quality, especially the ones with Scott Henderson also playing bass.  Good version of Waterfalls is here from the latter session and as the program goes on we get into a series of live Jack and Jim anti-war material from a Veteran’s Day Show.  *****
DUCK CHAD - Live and studio recordings, mostly top quality, from early in the new milleniium, the period of our house fire and Dick Cheney shooting his hunting partner. Guests include Brian Jackson on piano and Schroeder on drums, the cover of Nick Drake’s One of These Things First was Lizzie’s wake up music through an entire year of high school.   *****

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EARTH VS SHOCKABILLY - Each of these Shockabilly reissues on House of Chadula come with my own essays about the history of the band, the original album recording sessions and the nature of whatever additional material is included. In many cases I stick with the original versions of the mixes rather than things that were redone later, being personally not so much a revisionist sort. The “studio” stuff on this collection comes from a warehouse owned by a cokefreak, it was a 4 track Sony machine like many home hi fi enthusiasts use to own.  1983 ****
ECs  -  Named after a village in Hungary (pronounced “Aitch”), this collection of original songs was mostly produced in my home studio and released late in 2011. On request a new version of Happy New Year highlights a program that includes the romantic Thirty One, the cynical Easier Said Than Done and the apocalyptic No One. Largely solo with overdubbing.  ********

 - A series of three volumes were released on CDr blending new live, radio and studio solo recordings with material culled from the solo cassette series My New Life.  On Broadway volumes focus on jazz—bop, original jazz tunes, show tunes, standards and some Sun Ra arrangements—on both acoustic and electric guitar and banjo. Sound quality varies but plenty of thse recordings were done by state of the art live recording gear, good soundboard recordings for instance. The selections are chosen from around a decade, 1995-2004 (?)
EDDIE CHATTERBOX DOUBLE TRIO JAZZ    Camper Van Chadbourne aka Eugene  Van Beethoven had a number of jazz charts in our sets, some of which were attempted in a Detroit studio session that is part of this collection. Live recording sound is also excellent—top European clubs and Walter Malli on soprano sax. (R.I.P.).  Dolphy, Mingus, covers etc…
ELSEWHERE - A live recording of Tatsuya Nakatani and I at the Elsewhere Collective in downtown Greensboro, country and western and free improvisation. Good sound!    2006  *****

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F-CK CH-CK - By popular, a new digital master of one of the stranger items from the ‘80s and ‘90s cassette series.  The noise duo Chuck and I recorded a live show at the Niteshade in Greensboro but the tape recorder broke so I utilized other material recorded by the vintage duo version of Ut Gret (Joee Conroy and David Stilley) from a radio broadcast but mostly from the aftermath of a sparsely attended concert in Eugene (first time for Eugene in Eugene) when we prolonged the departure messing around with percussion equipment and talking with shreeves who wandered in. A highlight of this program is the drunken woman (we called her Grace Slick) wandered onstage and sang blues as if we were  backing her up normally.
FUCK THE AUDIO EVOLUTION  NETWORK - While there are plenty of unusual thing about this collection, strangest is that it is the second production under this name, the first one with an entirely different “lost” program was on cassette. To meet demand for “whatever the hell” was released on cassette, I released a CD-r version that bears no relation to the original other than the cover, title and how weird it is. Live, studio, radio and field recordings reflecting the enjoyable anarchy of the cassette scene. Cameos by Toshinori Kondo, Derek Bailey a/o.   ***

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GREETINGS FROM PINO AND BACCO - I truly enjoyed this solo show in an Abruzzo village but the live recording sound is nothing special. 2005? Dinner gets more stars. Some Beefheart covers in the program and a long banjo medley.  ***
GOIN - The Get out of Iraq Now band’s only recording. The DVD on Straw to Gold adds the benefit of visuals to these performances of jazz-rock-protest music with Brian Ritchie, Victor De Lorenzo and Brian Jackson. 2006   ****
GHOST LEGENDS - A duet with Charles Tyler from the late ‘70s, recorded live in New York City on reel to reel. My style is less than developed—I really imitate Derek Bailey here!—but Tyler plays great. Originally a cassette release but sounds better on the CDr.   *****
GUITAR FREAKOUT  - This is the most pleasing from all the CDrs created from the cassette catalog, most likely because the original multi tracked guitar piece had great sound to begin with. Tape splicing, wild electronic guitar and extended solo compositions.  *****

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HAN AND CHAD - Duo recordings with Han Bennink circa his US tour 2002-2003, good quality live recordings with both improvisations and songs.   *****
HEAVEN  (Shockabilly Heaven) - A favorite of many of my fans, this album was actually completed and released once the band broke up. The versions of Happy New Year and Hendrix Buried in Tacoma originated from acoustic guitar dressing room presentations. Some of the songs chosen for this album originated with my home tape releases, in fact the version of How can You Kill Me I’m Already Dead came directly from a cassette. The original versions are presented as well as live versions of parts of the Heaven program, almost creating an interesting alternate version of Heaven.  1985 ****
HET GROTE SCANDAL - My playing partner in what was known as ‘The Banjo Duet’ was Volcmar Verkerk and for a time—1995-2002?—we would make music together in Holland, most often in someone’s apartment. This is the least characteristic recording of several that were made with the duo, and features somewhat less banjo playing than desirable in favor of doubling on other instruments. A home recording of varying sound quality. ***
HOT BURRITO NUMBER TWO - This trio session with Walter Malli, soprano and Werner Dafeldecker, bass, was recorded in Vienna in the ‘90s as part of a film project about Walter. It was on the Extraplatter label and has gone out of print. Good sound, mostly free improvised jazz with one vocal.  ****
HOMELAND SECURITY - Every time the TSA gifts me with one of their forms indicating my bags have been opened, I print another copy of this collection which was released in 2002, solos largely from live and radio situation, jumping around over the years with the prevailing theme of protest. *****

All 13 volumes in the series are available in a deluxe box, also included is the Leo release I Talked to Death In Stereo. The encompassing theme is horror and monsters and a variety of approaches take place, usually combining studio and live recordings, emphasis is on montage and intricate splicing. From Horror 8 the productions take on the new dimension of 24 track capability. The series began in the late ‘90s and has continued with a volume or two annually. Brief descriptions ensue:

HORROR PART ONE - Live and studio recordings with Joee Conroy, Steve Good a/o, includes monster tributes.  ***
HORROR PART TWO - More with Conroy, Good, Norman Minogue and Eena Ballard, including versions of I Talked to Death In Stereo  ***
HORROR PART THREE - A tribute to X-the man with the X ray Eyes (Ray Milland) with soloist Eena Ballard on electric viola and massive cut up and editing exercises.  ******
HORROR PART FOUR - The Ray Milland tribute, part two, this time the vastly inferior (film) Thing With Two Heads played on an enormous prepared guitar and including the destruction of a broken mixer with an axe. ***
HORROR PART FIVE - Prepared acoustic and electric guitar solos collected under the title of The Evil Club.  *****
HORROR PART SIX - Prepared lap steel and acoustic guitar solos collected under the title Frankenstein on Ice, edited together with field recordings of an ice storm aftermath.  ****
HORROR PART SEVEN  “The Post Day of the Dead Ritual” - Various live recordings of sections from the Post Day of the Dead Ritual Suite. With Camper Van Chadbourne, Chadbourne Baptist Church a/o.  ****
HORROR PART EIGHT  “Death by Toothbrush/Death by Elevator” - I was paid handsomely to compose 30 second pieces for an elevator in Paris, but had to waste hours in the process creating this thick montage in which the main soloist is Portugese electric toothbrush player Felipe Silva.  ***
HORROR PART NINE - Never released on its own, this material was recorded at the Chadfest Action 2007 in France, with Jimmy Carl Black, Martin Klapper, Schroeder, Felipe Silva a/o. The visual aspect of the performance is unfortunately not there.  Black recites Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, not easy.  The entire suite is dedicated to Ray Dennis Steckler.  ***
HORROR PART TEN   “Concert Band Massacre by Evil Spell”  - My favorite entry in the series is a cut up of concert band recordings  by the Grimsely High School Stage Band. Record producer Lou Kannenstine asked for this to be played at his funeral.  ******
HORROR PART ELEVEN   “A tribute to the Number 11” - done in conjunction with instrument inventor Mark Dixon and featuring deep layers of turntable montage and cut up.  *****
HORROR PART TWELVE   “Death by Reggae Band”  - Montage and editing processes developed for Horror 11 are continued here in a wild assassination of an LP produced by Cackalackee reggae meisters the Awareness Art Ensemble. Continues a composition from the ‘70s entitled Reggae Made Listenable.  *****
HORROR PART THIRTEEN   “The Impossible Concert of Dario Argento” - The final entry was only available in the box originally, it is a montage and cut up of material from tape and turntable including ‘70s duo recordings with percussionist Andrea Centazzo.  *****
Utter Horror / The Horror Box Set—
Compiling Doc Chad’s total set of works based on horror films and monsters both real and imaginary.

A total of 14 CDs complete with a great deal of art and printed information about the various projects. An all star cast of performers is featured as well as many solo projects. Concepts behind the various pieces—dedicated to among others Ray Milland and a Greensboro high school concert band conductor—range from intricate multi-track tape pile-ups to live performances by small to large ensembles.

All 13 Volumes in the Horror Series are featured, including The Horror Part Nine Band, up til now only presented as a live multi media event.

In addition the package contains the British LEO records release I Talked to Death In Stereo, originally conceived as a release in the Horror series until the cover art was banned in the UK.

This monstrosity features home made cover art packages and is morbidly priced at $136.66 plus the cost of posting it to wherever the HELL (in this case a sure thing) it is that it is going.

The contents of Utter Horror slide out of the extended cardboard box fashioned from recycled VHS sleeves.

Inside the CDs are packaged primarily into an enjoyable booklet/folder. For fun several packages are left as originally released. The contents of the LEO release I Talked to Death in Stereo are taken from the original stock and are also loose, along with a separate box of extra material, artwork and notes.

No this is not a broken camera screen, that is a sock that is part of the package, for two reasons. 1. In the past any package of mine with a sock on it sells instantly. 2. My socks have been described as one of the most horrorible phenomena known to mankind.

Again - priced at $136.66 plus the cost of posting it to wherever the HELL (in this case a sure thing) it is that it is going.

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This name has been used to denote a style of music, a series of compositions and there was even a band for awhile called Insect and Western Party.

Material from the Insect and Western series of compositions was released on a series of cassettes, then eventually I began a series of releases on the LEO label highlighting this material:  Insect Attracter, Worms With Strings and finally Beauty and the Bloodsucker.

On House of Chadula the following titles have also been released individually:

         BEDBUGS - A jazz suite recorded with great local players in Florida—studio recording and quality. ******

         EMOTIONAL AND INTELLECTUAL WORLD OF THE COCKROACH - Mostly studio solo with fine Ampex 4 track reel to reel sound plus some live ensemble
recordings mixed in. ******    

         SACRED INSECTS OF ANCIENT EGYPT - The CD recorded live with excellent digital equipment by Bob O Haire features one of the best ensembles to
play one of my Insect pieces with Mary Halvorson, guitar/Jessica Pavone, viola/ Barry Mitterhoff,
                                                                     mandolin/Evan Gallagher, keyboards and percussion/and Stephanie Rearick, keyboards. *******

INSECT AND WESTERN BOX SET - Check the larger description and photo BELOW. The deluxe set includes all the Leo releases, the three House of Chadula I&W recordings and two special sets available only in the box:  (1) BUTTERFLY GARDEN  double CD set, one solo, one ensemble performance of an intricate suite praised highly by Keiji Haino and (2) Insect and Western Disc 8 featuring a variety of new ensemble recordings of I&W pieces.  ********

8-CD box set - Insect and Western   (NOTE: also check the supplement to this collection 2008-2009 INSECT AND WESTERN UPDATER)

The bug news is the 8-CD box set Insect and Western, truly an art object but no less a musical event on a grand scale. Players from many countries and most states in the union have taken part in performances involving works from my Insect and Western series. Documentation to date has been highlighted by three separate discs on the British Leo label: Insect Attracter, Worms with Strings and Beauty and the Bloodsucker. This deluxe box set contains all three of these discs in their original CD—not CD-R—pressings plus all the liner booklet and tray card art. In addition owners will find the Bedbugs CD-R featuring fine jazz players from the St. Petersburg, Florida scene. Plus there are four more discs of previously unreleased material. Sacred Insects of Ancient Egypt is the only new title that will also be available separately, see description below. The two-disc Butterfly Garden examines this suite in contrasting solo and septet modes: the maestro Keiji Haino dug the solo performance, taped at The Stone in New York City in May of 2006. Finally there is a brand new disc overviewing various compositions in the series in more recent performances, including the Emotional and Intellectual World of the Cockroach, a new version of the Worms With Strings suite and excerpts from a French workshop version of Sacred Insects of Ancient Egypt done without my physical participation. Much artwork and copious examples of scores in these beautiful boxes. Truly a deluxe gift.

Eight discs and handmade artwork for $115 postpaid in USA, $125 elsewhere. Musicians who have participated in these recordings can apply for a 25 per cent discount if they would like to own a copy of this massive set!
INSECT AND WESTERN UPDATER -  A two CD set from 2009-2010, live and studio, presents new recordings of I&W pieces from both Austin, Texas and Hobart, Tasmania.  The complex production includes orchestral multi tracking additions from my studio. A great line up of players!   *******
INSECT AND WESTERN PARTY - From the Charm School label came this mostly studio recording of ensembles with Brian Ritchie, bass, etc/Carrie Shull, oboe/ Carrie Biolo, vibraphone and others. Besides a few I&W titles there are originals from the Hellingtunes book, covers of Ennio Morricone, Satie and even punk classic Fuck Your Cat. A sign of how disconnected I am is I thought this combo had serious commercial potential.   *****
I SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK - The song and slogan behind this entry in the post 9-11 CD series was considered trivial by some and bumper sticker material by others. Home studio and live recordings make up this muckraking program, sense of humor and atmosphere taking precedence over technical quality. 2003   ****
ISLAND  OF THREE SHREEVES -  Released in 2009, this collection of live, radio and studio projects get its title from the three versions of The Shreeve included in the program, reflecting a new round of playing pieces associated with my earliest albums. Some of the material that wound up on the Polish Zupa Dupa Kupa LP is also here in rough form. Most of the sound is top notch, a few of the live things are there because of the quality of the performance. *****

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JIMI I - This anthology of Hendrix covers drawn from throughout my career was put together originally for a Hendrix archive in Indianapolis.  ****
JIMI 2 - It is pretty much a full Hendrix program with Jimmy Carl Black and Pat Thomas, most of which was done in conjunction with a large scale tribute in Italy shortly after the September 11 attacks. The live material, expertly recorded state of the art by Bob O’Haire, reveals Jack and Jim getting a phenomenal rock star reception from Italian school girls. ******
JUNGLE COOKIES - A double CD of montage involving street recordings, live performances and all manner of studio mayhem including frightening rhythm tracks stolen from a Nashville demo session. Special guests include banjo master Tony Trischka and the Atlanta jazz rock ensemble William Carlos Williams.  *********

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KILL EUGENE - Contents of the original Placebo LP of this name have been expanded even beyond the label’s own CD version, continuing the anthology theme with solo selections from live, home studio and radio broadcast.  Program include Ollie’s Playhouse, Eight Miles High, How Can you Kill Me I’m Already Dead and documentation of a “booking call” entitled Getting a Gig in Nashville. “You hard core?”  1989 ******
KITCHEN CONCERT - A breakthrough New York City gig is recorded live—middling sound quality but truly historic playing from John Zorn, Tom Cora, David Licht and Mark Kramer, the program is mostly country and rockabilly. *****  1980

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LEADERS SPLIT CRACK - This CD came out in the series following the September 11 attacks…we get to 2003 and the release is inspired by a funny picture of Colin Powell looking disgusted with George Bush. The program however is actually not totally political, there is country and western, blues, rap, Tin Pan Alley and an intriguing mix of playing partners—Thomas Lehn on synthesizer/Earl Poole Ball on piano/Walter Daniels on harmonica/the Noah John band a/o. ****
LIBBERATION LIBBA NATION - A montage project in tribute to Elizabeth Cotton—wonderful insanity! It was done in the home studio circa 1997 utilizing the Ampex 4 track in tandem with cassettes, DAT tape and personal effects, some of the material overlaps with Chasing the Captain Jack/Communication is Overrated.  *****
LOCKED IN A DUTCH COFFEESHOP - The first Jack and Jim recording has both comedy and music, Pat Buchanan and Richard Nixon through fuzz boxes on Ethnic Cleansing, a new take on BYOB Club that totally revitalized the old Shockabilly number, Don Preston and Ashwin Batish guesting on Neon meate Dream of an Octafish, the barkings of Le Hippie Dogg, the blistering scent of the Navajo Taco and so on and so forth. And so began what would be a wonderful run with myself and the one and only Indian of the Group, Jimmy Carl Black. 1993  *****


is the simple title of a new double CD set recorded at the Sea of Shit in the
Lap of Luxury, Sooke, B.C. over a long weekend in July, 2012.

This double CD set is my gift to my fans—
it will be available for the price of a single CD so is a great bargain.
The recordings present many new songs as well as a fine selection of country and western covers complete with pedal steel backing.

LORGUES SUITE - This superbly recorded set from Chadklappmuntz was recorded on a stage but not at a concert, a private recording in the French venue on a night off during a small festival. Somehow the Kinks and John Lee Hooker sneak in but this is primarily free improvisation with lots of electronics and noise. *****
LOST EDDIE CHATTERBOX SESSION - Monk, Bird, Ornette, originals—all instrumental, all recorded on Rob Cullison’s reel to reel in San Francisco when he was suffering from the flu one afternoon in 1976. He insists it is the best I ever played. Originally a cassette with some reactions in opposition to Cullison. *****
LOST MY ASS IN LAS VEGAS - Mike Schafer digitized this from cassette, circa 1988 was the original release of a combination of two Arizona shows. RK Sloane’s artwork inspired the release which in neither format sounds that good technically. There is quite an intense energy to the performances though as well as a wild repertoire of originals and covers so the set has its fans. ***
LSDC&W Double CD - The presently available double CD, originally a double album, seems to make quite a few folks happy. It features the entire original release plus most of a live set from The Chadbournes quintet with John Zorn and Tom Cora plus Shockabilly. Eventually the output of the Chadbournes seems worthy of an even lengthier document since there are quite a few unreleased live sets on cassette, decent quality, that represent one of the most insane chapters in the history of American country and western music.  1980 ********

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MALAKOFF DIGGINGS  (In the Malakoff Diggings) - While the previous Me and Paul discs were documents of entire concerts, this one was created by selecting favorite parts from as many as a dozen live recordings. It is quite a journey and at one point we wind up in a northern Italian village bar, where we played a couple of songs to the drunken locals. Also includes Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Gram Parsons covers. 2002 *****
ME AND PAUL - Documentation of my duet with Paul Lovens, Me and Paul, passes on to House of Chadula after releases on Victo and Leo. This concert from Action 2000 in France is beautifully recorded and is a superb example of our program and interaction, includes Happy New Year, Everyone’s Been Burned, BYOB Club and more. 2000 *******
MUSEO DELLA MUSICA - Studio recordings of old and new songs including Birthday Song, Breaking the Law every Day and The Boy With the Coins were combined with the raucous live reception of Roll Over Berlosconi in Italy, developing into one of my best selling home CDs to date. Some of this material was selected for the Italian LP Roll over Berlosconi so there is some overlap there. The cover version of Birthday by the Beatles features the fine Friulian band Arbe Garbe. 2009   *****
Eugene Chadbourne - Music of my Youth  Volume One - RECORDED IN THE FAMOUS GERMAN HIPPIE FARMHOUSE STUDIO

4. FUNK 49



Plus the vital contributions of:

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13 - Jan Fitschen - Bass, Baritone Guitar

Track 3 - Bella Nugent - Vocals

Tracks 4, 6, 9 - Ekkehard Rössle - Clarinet, Soprano & Tenor Saxaphone

Tracks 8, 14 - Molly Chadbourne - Vocals

Track 10 - Sylvia Oelkrug - Violin & Jan Fitschen - Bass, Baritone Guitar

Track 14 - Olivier Polard - Electric Guitar & John Trap - Electric Bass 






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NEW DIRECTIONS IN APPALACHIAN MUSIC - The complete set from the 2006 Chadfest featuring the Doc with Phil Minton, vocals, Paul Lovens, drums, Mike Cooper, dobro and lap steel and vocals, Cedric Prive, violin and Johnny Hamil, bass. Beautifully recorded with a lovely program of Appalachian and country classics scattered with improvisational gestures like an antique quilt wrapped around a rabid chihuahua.  2007  ******
NEW NEW NEW WAR WAR WAR - The first release in the post-9-11 protest series features a title track chosen for inclusion on a special website created by Thurston Moore. Studio and live recordings are combined, mostly solo. Cover art is created from a special warning memo sent out by the Post Office. *****
NIJMEGEN HASSEN HUNT - A mid ‘90s anthology that was created as a joint release for two small New England labels. Material was picked over for inclusion that was both recent and vintage, guests include Han Bennink, Jin Hi Kim and the early ‘80s Relative Band spin off the Tel Aviv Bats.  *****
NORMALIZED - Pink Bob recorded this at one of my Normal, Illinois, bar gigs and created a CD-r from it, at that point demonstrating to me how easy it was to use what was then a new technology. Likewise Molly Chadbourne, middle school age, whipped up cut and paste graphics with a newish computer art program.  It’s a late ‘90s combination of originals, country and rock covers with good energy and decent sound. ****
NOW RETURN US TO NORMAL - This is one of several collections of material digitized by Dennis Burton from a reel to reel archive that belonged to guitarist and fellow Herald copyrunner Randy Hutton. Here we have our guitar duo from the mid ‘70s, better sound than concept but if you want to hear me playing like John McLaughlin and Larry Coryell, here is the place. ***

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OFF CENTRE CENTER - In 1980 I made a summer trip to visit family in Calgary and once again performed a solo concert demonstrating my interests at the time. This is an almost schizophrenic combination of organized noise and country and western, the latter was coming on strong in my repertoire and I was in the process of recording my first album of “left wing free improvised country and western bebop..” Wade McGregor recorded and Dennis Burton digitized this unique entry in my discography. *****
OLD TIME BANJO - This title was originally released on French Relax-y-vous out of Pau, where it was recorded circa 2000 in a good studio one afternoon after I repaired the 5th string peg with a screw taken out of a light switch.  The tracks include Beefheart and old time covers and the only drawback was this was originally envisioned as a vinyl EP so playing time is only 20 minutes. The original edition with a limited edition cover from a French artisan printer is sold out, so I now make a CDr with a new cover. *****
ORIGINAL SEVEN - Cut up and montage pieces are done with a variety of strange overdubbing methods with sources from ongoing ensemble projects. Musicians that never met are combined in a warped combination of free jazz, avant garde and old time music. Players include Walter Malli on soprano saxophone and the Third Eye Lounge band from Columbia, S.C. ***

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PACHUCO CADAVER - The Jack and Jim Show’s full out tribute to Beefheart with a Willie the Pimp thrown in and a few cameos here and there, “it’s not the whole trip” as Jimmy would say unless it comes with the comic and the wide range of recording sources is also part of the experience. *****
PEE WEE ON THE WAY - Mike Shafer put together this digitized version of a cassette release that basically presented a trifecta of sources—Shockabilly demos, live Tel Aviv Bats and various home studio demos. Sounds okay on CD.  ***
PEKING DOC - These solo recordings from 2008 were mostly done at an outdoor concert and are state of the art technically thanks to Bob o’Haire. The program combines some of my best originals with covers including Beefheart. *****
THE PERFECT GREATEST COUNTRY AND WESTERN DUO  - Never released at the time, this ambitious follow up to Locked in a Dutch Coffeeshop consumed months of fiendish overdubbing utilizing strange configurations of broken or semi-broken equipment. Jimmy Carl Black thought it was one of the funniest things he ever heard and put together a finished version for his Inkanish label, for which I am eternally grateful. Originals include A hit on a Bubble, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Today’s Gun Permits and several of Jimmy’s great American Indian numbers. 1996  *****
PIONEERS - Soprano saxophonist Philip Johnston unearthed these reel to reel recordings from a New York City gig in the late ‘70s in trio with drummer Steve Moses (Alice Donut). The group played originals and some covers and I focused on the former when picking the best performances over the two night stand. These are the only available recordings of most of these pieces which I wrote either in my final Calgary years or after hitting New York City. While less developed than his later work with the Microscopic groups, Johnston nonetheless sounds great here. *****
PIZZA DOC - This CD so far dating 2010-2012 was inspired by a French pizza chef/fan who wrote Pizza Doc on my box to identify whose it belonged to. I’ve used the title to collect solo recordings, live and radio broadcast, that came into my possession. There have so far been two editions, the second and presently available one combining solo performances from Paris in 2012 with newly acquired Vancouver concert tracks from nearly 40-years before.  You never know what exactly you will get when you order a Pizza, Doc!  *****
PHIL  (To Phil) - An anthology CD that has been in print since the ‘90s, Phil collects all the Phil Ochs covers I do from various sources—livc, studio LPs and CDs—and in both solo and ensembles including Camper Van Chadbourne. ***** and all the stars in the heavens for Phil Ochs.
THE PRESIDENT IS INSANE - A CDr copy of this was created by a fan who really liked the LP version released on Iridescence circa 1984. The program is half protest songs and the first appearance of Happy New Year, all recorded on a broken tape recorder, and a collection of cut up and montage compositions. ****

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REBUILD NEW ORLEANS IN IRAQ - The post 9-11 series continued and one day I heard a commentator say the USA had to make a choice between rebuilding New Orleans or Iraq---and I knew there was a song in this!  Besides protest material this CD is highlighted by my participation in a Mingus festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin—I included some of the covers I worked up. Everything is recorded either live or on radio, but all on fine digital equipment.  ******
REASON - One of two major new studio productions in 2010, Reason focuses on guitar, but I overdub myself on quite a few instruments. I am really proud of both the songs and the sound, besides the guitar and banjo and singing I play bajo sexton, cjumbus, baclamel, charango, prepared guitar and percussion. The songs will be familiar to anyone who has seen my concerts during this period. Special spoken word parts  by Robert Harris of Cabin Fever fame.   Song of Mirrors, Song of Questions, Song of Regrets, Something Else I Saw, Song of Prayer, Jesses’s Desk, Incredible Shrinking Address Book, To Think About, Put me Back in the River  ******

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SATIE - Two approaches are taken to Erik Satie’s music in this collection. The Insect and Western Party plays pieces adapted for banjo and oboe relatively straightforwardly. A large-scale cut up operation takes place in other cases.
SEVEN SISTERS - A suite of banjo instrumentals recorded at home early in the new millennium, all quite abstract and in honor of Gaudi.  ****
SHOCKAPRILFOOLSABILLY - When a local fan produced the poster for this event decades after the fact I thought “Oh, I have that cassette! Now I have a cover.” If you like live Shockabilly recordings, this is great but is one of the David Licht boom box recordings.  *****
SINFUNNY  (69TH Sinfunny) - An Edmonton fan suggested I reissue this Fundamental double vinyl/CD on House of Chadula, I had sidelined it in agreement with an audience attendee who said it was “too much.” Camper Van Chadbourne convened at the Knitting Factory for live recordings—mixed results on sound quality—and were joined by Bruce Ackley on soprano sax. The ambitious program includes jazz and rock covers as well as originals—there are two versions of the pro choice anthem Lets Go Back in Time.  Austrian pressing plants refused to touch this project because of the soundtrack bit from Hitler’s Children at the beginning.  ****
SONNY AND BROWNIE FROM MARS: APRIL FOOLS! - On April Fools day this year I went into Jet Studios in Brussels to recod the long awaited duo project with Steven de Bruyn on harmonicas and vocals. Our duo has been active for several years and has performed in Belguim, Holland and France.

We are hoping to expand our activities as I have long wanted a duo with harmonica to be going strong, the hope being I would get along much better with this partner than Sonny and Brownie ever did! (Their acrimony was nearly as legendary as their music).

Sonny and Brownie From Mars perform both my originals and songs of Steven de Bruyn plus a pair of folk and country covers. Titles include Why Can’t I Get out Bed, Adrift, There’s A Spider on My Face, Peaceful Moment, Best Kept Secret and The Love Drone.
STONED FOR THE FUTURE - I combined a studio duo session with percussionist Schroeder with live tracks, solo and one duo with Michael Hurley. There are new originals such as the title track, older titles (a good Happy New Year) and a rocking cover of Gone til November.   *****
STOP SNORING -   RECORDED EARLY SEPTEMBER 2011 AT THE SEA OF SHIT IN THE LAP OF LUXURY STUDIOS, THE SOOKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Featuring Darren Williams, tenor saxophone. Engineered and co-produced by Scott Henderson—who also plays trombone, trumpet, Bb clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, electronics, dumbek and drum set. I brought a fat stack of originals to record, highlights include The Chicken Song, National Propaganda Radio and Flower One, plus Scott and I begin our tradition of Sun Ra covers with a fine Theme of the Stargazers. *******

a new release for those seeking something truly unique


a special new release featuring Eddie Chatterbox in large group settings with the mysterious CATJAMMERS


by special arrangement the follow artists are heard:
3/5  Ed 'Cass Cassidy, drums
4 Walter Malli, soprano saxophone    Sunny Murray, drums    Peter Kowald, bass
7 and throughout Derek Bailey, guitar

EDDIE CHATTERBOX: The Sounds of Genius
An appraisal by Neve Kimple


Without bothering to examine the entire mystery that is and was Eddie Chatterbox, suffice to say the long languishing, one moment vanished, the next reappeared orchestral project might be at once the greatest puzzle of them all.

For years Chatterbox put in careful work on tributes to master musicians he had the opportunity to work with. Documentation existed of these encounters and Chatterbox had in each case been given free rein to deal with the results in whatever manner he saw fit.  As the years went on with no final outcome and inevitably not even a Chatterbox, at least some of these pieces developed into memorial tributes as the geniuses passed on for greater realms.

The opening tracks DOPYS and PIPEOUT are among the the exceptions The former is totally a creation of Chatterbox playing a variety of stringed instruments from Mexico and South America including quatro, bajo sexto and charango.  The piece is named after one of the only possible restaurants in which to eat duck on the Mexican Isla Mujeres, earmarking it of great importance to the Chatterbox oeuvre.

PIPEOUT begins as a tribute to surf music with turntables and then moves into other areas. The first appearances on this disk of guitarist Derek Bailey are here, but most of the music was concocted in order to pry money loose from a surf music label that had no idea what Chatterbox was really up to.

IN A SILENT WAY and BBYYEEYYAA originate in a live date featuring Chatterbox and drummer Ed "Cass" Cassidy Chatterbox, founding member of the great psychedelic jazz fusion rock band Spirit and the oldest drummer in rock history. These recordings date from 1992---the late Cassidy ws 116 years old at the time.  Like many of the archive Chatterbox tracks, the original recordings are extremely fucked up.

SO LONG WALTER finds a way to respectively say goodbye to regular Chatterbox associate Walter Malli, appearing on multiple tracks on soprano and alto sax.

Drummer Sunny Chatterbox and bassist Kowaldski Chatterbox fill out the group. The original recordings were live, from an Austrian festival that gave Malli carte blanche to create a free jazz project with Chatterbox. The results seemed unreleasable. Impressario John Screech, for example, commented that "I don't like Walter's playing at all on these tracks."  The concert finally found a small release as the only title on an independent label owned by Malli's veternarian, who decided to put out the CD one night following a house call attending Malli's il pussy.

IN A SOYLENT WHEY is a kind of typical Chatterbox archive 'find'; not only are there regular sidekick Catjammers Fidel Casio on organ and Bruce Jack on bajo sexto, but the mysterious Ned 'Skip' Chatterbox puts in one of his fascinating repetitive pedal steel apperances.  

We conclude with SO LONG DEREK, Chatterbox's careful tribute to Bailey including the entire 'string mail' prepared by the master guitarist for his young accolade, rumored to have told Bailey: "I can play faster than you and also know more about making pizza!" Despite this brash insult, Bailey pampered Chatterbox with cassette 'string mail', all the time instructing him he would be informed when the perfect string mail would arrive for their supposedly ongoing collaboration. 

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10 FOOT HENRY  (SHOCKABILLY AT 10 FOOT HENRY) - This is recorded in Calgary, Alberta at what was a fantastic club. I had moved away and established Shockabilly out of New York City and Greensboro collectively, this was a rare opportunity to come back to one of my musical hometowns and present my up to date band. The sound board recording was tweaked marvelously by Dennis Burton—there was also a fine monitor mix on the stage itself so even more small detail was possible than usual for a Shockabilly club, the presence of aspects such as the cassette tape effects is really strong. I have heard a lot of live Shockabilly over the years and wonder if anyone agrees with me that this is some of the best stuff.  ******
TERMITE DAMAGE - From the Insect and Western book comes a composition based on decay and deconstruction and requiring each player to double and triple on cheap keyboards and electronic beat devices.  Following performances in North Carolina, Tennessee and New York City with different but overlapping ensembles, I cut together my favorite parts of the material for this CD. Since some of this was in turn excerpted for the Leo Insect Attracter CD,  I chose to represent the piece in the collected Insect box that way rather than include this complete CD, which might be overdoing it. Participants include Carrie Shull, oboe/Charles Waters, clarinet and alto sax/Evan Gallagher/percussion and electronics and the Shaking Ray Leviis.
TEXAS SESSION - The first in my series of Austin recording projects involved a quartet and interpretations of material associated with Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson and Doug Sahm.  The song choice is good but I never felt the players--including Susan Alcorn on pedal steel—jelled as a unit or felt comfortable with the combination of styles. They don’t call it experimental music for nothing!   Pretty good live recording session sound.  ****

1. Most important news to my buyers: it comes in a sock!

2. Over the last decade I have been involved in three recording sessions in Austin collaborating
     with a slowly expanding cadre of musicians.

3. I began this series on my own but eventually was happy to have funding from Lou Kannenstine and Boxholder Records,
    who released the second volume in the Texas Session series as well as a duo with Susan Alcorn on pedal steel.

4. With the third volume in the can and mastered, Kannestine and his label seems to have stopped functioning
    and I have failed in attempts to contact him.

5. The Texasock is a two CD collection of my favorite tracks from all these sessions.
     Players featured are Walter Daniels, harmonica/Susan Alcorn, pedal steel/
     Ernie Durawa, drums/Earl Poole Ball, piano/David Dove, trombone/
     Speedy Sparks, bass/Redd Volkaert, guitars

6. The songs are a collection of originals plus covers from Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, Malvina Reynolds, Doug Sahm and others.

7. All recordings are studio!
THERE'LL BE NO TEARS TONIGHT - Here is where the country and western first comes in, the CD version of this album is appealing to me because it allowed me to include an amazing solo improvisation on the dobro done on the way home from the Greensboro recording session where “Tears” was finished. I have gotten some memorable reactions on this record over the years from well known artists in their own right, including: “The best improvising by John Zorn on record”—Henry Kaiser/ “The only record I have ever listened to twice.”—Ed Sanders/ “The record I listen to so I don’t commit suicide”—well known country session man who wants to remain anonymous/ “The only record Mason Williams would listen to every day in the car on tour”—former Williams sideman.   1980   **********
THINK 69 - This was the year of Jimmy Carl’s 69th birthday and in attempting to do 69 gigs we managed to do about 33, many of which were recorded. That gave me a big selection for putting together a documentation, I made use of material recorded in New York City with guests Thomas Heberer, trumpet/ Tony Trishka, banjo/ and Brian Jackson, piano. There is also a DVD from these concerts available on Straw to Gold that I would highly recommend. Other recordings come from out on the road: Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Rochester—there were a lot of great gigs and mucho fantastic playing.   Tracks recorded at the Stone by Bob O Haire sound super but there have been complaints about material from elsewhere that I included because I thought the performances were strong.  2008    *****
THIS TIME WE WON’T COME BACK (GULF WAR TOUR) - My favorite of the line-ups of the sextet Eugene Van Beethoven did a three week non-stop series of dates in Europe during the Gulf War. The Hamburg Markethalle show was early in the series so in the initial round of tinkering with live tapes I didn’t pay that much attention. The soundboard recording surfaced eventually and shows that soundman Eppo Kroll had a good feel with this large room and its possibilities for big thick sound. The program mixes originals, cover versions, has a strong anti war focus as well as jazz covers—Ask me Now by Thelonious Monk, a Pharoah Sanders medley—and also includes two sections of the Post Day of the Dead suite. With Walter Malli, Victor Krummenacher, Cris Pedersen, Graham Connah and Jonathan Segel.  *****
TO PREVAIL - I wrote an anti war song based on Bush Junior’s concept of “prevailing” in Iraq and there are other songs launched from a similar state of mind on this entry in the post 9-11 protest series. I was hampered in this time period—circa 2003—by not having much of a home studio because of a house fire but some of the material here comes from somewhat improved sources. ****
TOTAL TUESDAY - Live and radio shot recordings of my Hellingtons sextet with Paul Lovens, Alex Ward, Carrie Shull, Pat Thomas and Leslie Ross.  We toured in Europe in 1998 and the material selected here, especially the raucous Tilburg club set, is a better reflection of the group than the weakly mixed Intakt CD. *****
TREASON - Features mostly banjo songs but I overdub myself on quite a few instruments. I am really proud of both the songs and the sound, besides the guitar and banjo and singing I play bajo sexton, cjumbus, baclamel, charango, prepared guitar and percussion. These are my major recordings for 2010 and I will be playing many if not all of the songs in concert, some of them will be familiar to anyone who has seen me play last year: Water Song, Bird Song, Adrift, I Woke up at Home, Best Friend, Flying Song, Song of Good Health, Pepper Mine, Song of Confidence     *******
2001:  A SPACED ODDITY - Jack and Jim released this collection of live tracks done on tour the week before the 9-11 attacks, special attention has been drawn to the intense America Stands Tall played live in Tilburg on the eve of the disaster. We were reviving our duo with a new program including Hendrix and Beefheart covers but in some cases the live recordings don’t do the material justice.   ****

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UDINE - This is a duet with percussionist Andrea Centazzo and marks a new chapter in my life on my first European tour as a performing guitarist. Excellent sound quality redigitized by audio expert and retired court reporter Dennis Burton.
UNCLE JIMMY’S MASTER PLAN - Jack and Jim raised hell on a short tour of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia as the Yugo war wound down in the ‘90s.  The soundboard recordings are first class, there are good performances here as well as amusing ambience.  *****

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VERMIN OF THE BLUES - It became quite hard to top this album done with backup from Evan Johns and the H Bombs—the original band—and the original album, unchanged for CD version, had quite a broad reach including the localized eastern bloc college radio hit Bo Diddley is a Communist. The big fat sound of the recording studio in Austin is part of the magic—this is one of my favorites for sure. Other originals include I Hate the Man Who Runs This Bar, God Made Country Music for Good People Like Y’all, Breaking the Law Every Day, Johnny Cash in the Phillipines and Fried Chicken for Richard Speck. 1987 ******
VIETNAM – (Shockabilly Vietnam) - Recording quality gets really awesome here as we get into Carla Bley’s studio with NRBQ’s engineer at the board. Ed Sanders guests on Nicaragua. Since the LP was really short, I dug up the solo demo versions of various songs I had wanted to add as well as live versions of some of the songs. Only the first pressing of this release featured a poster with a text that is considered the first band “tour diary.” I have now redone this in booklet form, available only in the House of Chadula Shockabilly series.   1984  *****
VISION EASE Volume One   ****
VISION EASE   Volume Two - A pair of CDs focusing on my instrumental composition in the modern jazz style recorded in the mid to late ‘70s, although Volume Two includes an interesting revisit to one such composed piece recorded at a festival four decades later. My relationship with John Zorn figures heavily on both discs and other musicians include Polly Bradfield, Bruce Ackley and Henry Kaiser.  Recording quality falls to a low standard, particularly on Volume One where one of the problems is tape hiss from the original sources during very quiet music. Dennis Burton’s digitization of a concert from Zorn’s Theatre of Musical Optics is a vast improvement on Volume Two.   *****
VOLUME ONE & TWO: SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR - The compact disc reissues of these vinyl albums contain additional material of great interest. The digital version of Volume One might be considered an improvement, it was made from a reel to reel copy of the original session so does not have the bad pressing issues of the original pressing. These two CDs contain instrumental solos on acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, sometimes prepared guitars. They are available either individually, or as a double “coffeebag” set.  1975-76 ******

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WARSAW - Me and Paul went to Warsaw, got out at the wrong train station, got kind of freaked out because it was really a grungy scene, were rescued by organizers in a van, arrived at the venue where the crowd was waiting, threw the gear together and started playing moments after a jar of mustard was thrust into my hand with the salutation “Welcome to Poland, we have been waiting a long time.” The mustard was great and when I got the recording I realized the jam was even better. “I played 19th Nervous Breakdown for a friend who is a Rolling Stones freak and he said ‘What a load of rubbish’”—Paul Lovens.  2001 *****
WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN - A double CD document, this set was created from a Scandanavian tour in which the Jack and Jim show was enlarged to a trio with the addition of Pat Thomas on keyboards and electronics. Thus a connection is made between the freakiness Jimmy Carl Black descends from and the British improve scene, Pat playing the songs in a very free manner. At the Kongsberg Festival in Norway, a special project involved noontime street performances that became the source of some outrageous recordings of acoustic music and patter. Material includes originals, covers of Hendrix, Zappa and Beefheart and much more. 2006 *****
WE DON'T HAVE THIS IN THE HOME - My summer 2008 tour with Jimmy Carl was the final series of Jack and Jim concerts and here we have a selection of favorite tracks from gigs in Tokyo and elsewhere. Jimmy died later that year of cancer. I will forever miss him, my best friend. This includes, finally, his favorite song I ever came up with, I Got More Pussy than Zappa. Lots of action packed jamming! Live sound is not that great. *****
WHERE IS BIRD’S GRAVE? - A week touring the Midwest in duo with banjo master Tony Trischka resulted in some excellent quality live recordings originally distributed circa the early 90s on cassette.  We play a mix of old time, bluegrass, punk, originals, improvisation, country and western and bebop and the new CD version is splendid. Includes Rhooba’s Train, Epistrophy, Let’s call This, I Never Go Around Mirrors, 52nd Street Theme. *******
WHERE IS KONDO? - This is a double CD that includes the first ever duet concert with Toshinori Kondo and myself as well as a lengthy excerpt from our first Greensboro gig, where we are joined by eventual Chadbournes and Shockabilly drummer David Licht and a New York City improv set where multi-instrumentalist Steve Beresford joins in.  The NYC recording was done on a reel to reel and then digitized, sounding marvelous. Licht recorded the NC part on a cassette but it captures the bizarre sound exquisitely, even what happens when the tape breaks seems appropriate. 1979  ******
WILD PARTNERS - When I began the first set of CD-r releases with assistance from Pink Bob, this collection of duets with other string players was on the roster. The material was selected from recordings within a year or two range from 1998 back and the wild partners are Duck Baker, Davey Williams, Tony Trischka and Loren Mazzacane Connors. All the recordings are very good. *****
WOMBAT ON THE WAY - The original cassette release of this in the early ‘80s was mostly known for the cut-up montage opening track entitled Spiro Agnew.  Solo performances of songs and collages spin in and out of each other, besides cassette machines the main recording device was a ¼ inch reel to reel. A digital version of this, created to calm down fanatics, does not sound that great. ***

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YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY - A cassette came out under this title in the early ‘80s  combining songs I had taped in demo form in my home studio for the Flying Fish label and the demented results of an evening harassing truckers with CB radio from an intense set up in a suburban Illinois basement. Ronald Reagan is under discussion and the songs include protest numbers such as KKKremlin in its first recording and country classics from Faron Young and others. The digital version doesn’t sound quite right but the multi tracked guitars are cool and the comments from truckers and ham radio operators represent a true slice of history. ****
YOUNG AND INNOCENT DAYS - Joee Conroy and I and a host of Louisville players got busy on a collection of ‘60s and ‘70s covers, touching on Phil Ochs, Gram Parsons, Jefferson Airplane, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones…even a touch of klezmer to keep folks off balance. Beautifully produced, this came out originally as both a CD and a double 10 inch on the German Swamp Room label. Though not as aesthetically beautiful as the psychedelic vinyl, the CD version is lots of fun to listen to. 1999   ******

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ZU PASTA BOX - Here we have my two collaborations with the Italian heavy metal free style trio/quartet Zu, on two discs—The Zu Side of Chadbourne and Motorhellington. The first features a Coltrane and Ayler cover and the balance free improv, the second a bunch of covers so diverse that if translated into culinary terms would cause a riot in an Italian kitchen. These two CDs come in a modified pasta box.  1999 *******

THE 13 SOCIETY: an all new collection of original songs and cover versions.

1. 13 Society
2. On the Road to Find Out
3. Willin'
4. Colors for Susan
5. It's No Secret
6. Cherish
7. Cold Gravy
8. Steal Softly Through Sunshine
9. Melancholy Time

 13 Society is:

1.vocals 2. budget guitar  3. borrowed guitar 4. dobro  5. charango  6. deering american oversize banjo, 7. deering goodtime  8. hillbilly banjo from side of road 
9. editing 10. turntables 11. cassettes, 12. personal effects 13. thirteen

with ROGIER SMAL - drums 

Recorded in South Amsterdam, April, 2015 with additional material for 4, 5 from Psychad Studios, Greensboro, N.C.

1, 7, 9 by Eugene Chadbourne
2  by Yusef Islam  3 by Lowell George
4 by Country Joe McDonald
5  by Marty Balin
6 by Terry Kirkman
8 Don Van Vliet

Two new compact discs by Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, recorded with his favorite engineers and producer in his favorite haunt, SEA OF SHIT IN THE LAP OF LUXURY in Sooke, British Columbia.

As part of a recently concluded tour that covered much of the west coast, I spent several days recording solo guitar and banjo under the auspices of Scott Henderson and Scott Bennett, using the German-made Hofner archtop I acquired in the 1980s when starting out my first "free improvised country and western be bop" band, The Chadbournes.

The sound on these recordings is technically the best I have gotten on disc since the popular
Intake items Strings and Songs, in fact I like the new ones much better not only because they are new
but because they don't have the "huh? huh?" reverb the Swiss engineer savored.

The two CDs are collectively titled Chilly Willie.

is a collection of original songs with a couple of new parody texts.

WILLIE is a collection of interpretations of other writers, a good half dozen of them vintage Wilie Nelson pieces.
The Hofner guitar was one of the first I learned Willie Nelson songs on, in fact the neck fell off one day while
practicing "On the Road Again" and had to be glued back on.

In both cases I am featured singing and playing guitar and banjo, with some guest appearances
by Gary Cherwonka on pedal steel.

I wrote some new songs for CHILLY and also revisited originals that have been recorded in other contexts. The program features Numbers for the Wind, Song For Wes, Am I That Easy to Forget (Kisliak), Big Boys with Little balls, Armagedone, Needle in a Tub, Complicated, Hidden Song, Pepper Mine, Beggermaster and Song for Robert Harris.

For WILLIE I chose the following favorites to interpret, by Willie Nelson unless otherwise indicated:

I Want to Go With You (Hank Cochran)
Songs for Aging Children    (Joni Mitchell)
Creep   (TLC)
What can You do to me Now?  (Nelson-Cochran)
It Should be Easier Now
Suffer in Silence
Wake me When Its Over
Keep on Pushin'  (Curtis Mayfield)
And So Will you my Love
Time in a Bottle (Jim Croce)
To Be   (John Coltrane)

 available from House of Chadula for $10 each plus postage!!    FREE Boxholder cd of choice with any order!!!

Note: Listeners are encouraged to check out the newly revived Ictus label and
some fine releases of both duet and trio (with Toshinori Kondo) sessions and
well recorded gigs that were never released at the time.


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Single discs $15 postpaid in USA, inquire for larger orders
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Double CDs are $18 postpaid in USA, $20 elsewhere.

Home made packaging is now for the most part constructed out of the used records nobody wants from the Lee Street “Collectables” store in Greensboro. I have been chopping up lots of Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and John Denver albums for example. These are really fine covers, individual works of art and at least somebody is doing something with all this crap music nobody wants even if it is egotistical in the extreme to be
covering it over with my own shit.

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Dr. Eugene Chadbourne

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