Eugene Chadbourne live at Elektronisk Jazzjuice, Aarhus, Denmark 7/19 2008 - Part 2 of 2

The gig was in the little courtyard between the two venues of Jazzjuice where there was a bit of people walking back and forth. And it was raining a bit. Also, the sound engineer was frantically trying to get the amp to work for when Eugene had to change from banjo to electric guitar. Hence he was "on stage" on and off all the time. Unfortunately somewhat annoying. But he did get it to work in the end. Eugene played a superb gig, though. I've read that it was one of his less "avantgarde" shows compared to usually, but damn it was great.

Recording wise I've put the rough video up here - minus the passages where the sound engineer is "too active" and actually stands in front of the camera. So that explains the cuts here and there. But all in all this is the most of the gig. Put together in two 10 minute sections for you viewing pleasure on YouTube. I bought three cds from Eugene at the show - one of them being "Peking Doc", which I have enjoyed so much since then. I'm not that knowledgeable about his massive discography, but I can say that if you like the style he's playing here you can safely go get "Peking Doc".

This gig was filmed on the second day of the festival. He also played with Gangstajazz the first night.